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He is truly the man your mother warned you about. But it is too late now.

In the few years that he has been around, Eminem has infected youth the world over with his trademark brand of in-your-face political incorrectness. His style -- grating vocals spouting foul invective set to a rap beat -- has become his sonic signature. There is more to Eminem than his music -- his alleged misogyny and homophobia are stamped in his art.

Born this day in 1972, the white rapper stormed into the rap scene in 1999. He wandered from home to home with his single mother and, at age 12, settled in the automobile city of Detroit. He dropped out of school in grade 9 and, unusually for a white teenager, initiated himself into hip-hop.

Eminem's personal life reflects strongly in his songs. His fury against wife Kim and his turbulent relationship with his mother spurred him to write violent, twisted lyrics. After the success of his album, he reconciled with Kim but the marriage went through a few sputters before it finally choked.

Eminem's attacks on gays and women earned him the ire of both groups, who called for a boycott of his albums. His lyrics also attacked other artistes.

But the controversy helped his career. His second album won Best Rap Album at the 2003 Grammy Awards, and the commercial success propelled him to fame as the most successful rapper, black or white, since the genre's heyday in the mid-1990s.

As Eminem turns 32 today, find out how much you know about the controversy-baiting white rapper.

1. His real name is
Marshall Bruce Mathers
Emile Emin
Michael N Mike

2. His 1996 debut album was called
Detroit, 1996

3. His alter ego, after which he named his first commercial album, is called
Real Slim
Slim Shady
Real Shady

4. The first group he joined, led by the rapper Proof, was called

5. Who gave Eminem his big break, helping him produce his first LP?
Dr Dre
Tupac Shakur

6. The infectious lead song on his first LP was
Stand up
My name is

7. As the 2001 Grammy neared, Eminem tried to salvage his anti-gay reputation by performing with
Elton John
George Michael

8. In 2003, Eminem made his big-screen debut in the film
Meet Eminem
8 Mile
The Mummy Returns

9. The controversial video in which Eminem appears dressed as Osama bin Laden was for the track
My name is
Lose yourself
Without me

10. In 2003, Eminem won the Grammy for Best Rap Album for his third album which was called
The Slim Shady LP
The Eminem Show

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