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Incredibly beautiful and equally talented. That's Hollywood diva Uma Thurman for the uninitiated.

At 6 feet, Thurman's towering personality is hard to ignore. Though she made her debut in the late 1980s with Kiss Daddy Tonite, it was only after Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction that Thurman stormed the big league of Hollywood supernovas.

But Thurman has been twice unlucky in marriage. After a bad marriage to Dracula Gary Oldman, Thurman recently separated from husband of five years Ethan Hawke.

Hawke, Thurman's co-star in the sci-fi film Gattaca, was reportedly cheating on his pretty wife with a 22 year-old Canadian model. He and Thurman have two children: Maya, 5, and Roan, 1.

Hawke or no Hawke, Thurman's career appears to be going great guns. The Thurman-Tarantino team is back with another kick-ass action thriller, Kill Bill Volume 1. Their first stint together, Pulp Fiction, had fetched her an Oscar nomination. Will Kill Bill also do wonders for this 33 year-old stunner? Find out when the movie hits the US screens on October 10.

Meanwhile, check out the sexy Uma Thurman in her various moods and moments.

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