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The Cast

  Shah Rukh Khan
  Kariena Kapoor
  Hrishitaa Bhatt
  Rahul Dev
  Subhashini Ali
  Raghuveer Yadav
  Gerson Da Cunha

Behind the scenes

  The Director
  Costume Design
  Author, Making of Asoka
  Art Decor

A bloody battle that left thousands of people dead and just as many families orphaned. A bloody battle that changed the life of an ambitious emperor and turned him into an apostle of peace.

This is the tale of the mighty Asoka and the war he waged for the kingdom of Kalinga. For long the subject of numerous tales, it has now been transformed into a lovingly crafted 21st century dream. As director Santosh Sivan recreates history with Archlightz and Films' Asoka.

Turning this epic tale into cinematic theatre involved a tremendous amount of research and the burning of midnight oil by both the cast and crew. Eighteen months of labour that will light screens across the world on October 26.

Will Sivan, and producers Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, receive the audience's thumb's up? You decide, with Poll.

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Soak in the photofeature.

Catch up on what Asoka's cast and crew have to say.

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Design: Rajesh Karkera
Concept: Vivek Fernandes, Ronjita Das,
                Sukanya Verma

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