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How has the financial crisis affected you?

October 07, 2008 18:03 IST
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The financial tsunami sweeping across the globe has brought giant investment banks to their knees, reducing them to bankruptcy. But, on October 7, a horrifying tale underlined the extent to which it had affected individuals.

Forty-five-year-old Los Angeles-based Indian American Karthik Rajaram shot his family -- his mother-in-law, wife and three sons -- to death before turning the trigger on himself. He was unemployed and had turned pauper overnight because of America's plunging stock market.

Even as the business world is reeling at the amount of money that has been lost, the real tragedy is being enacted in the homes, hearts and minds of the individual victims -- the hundreds and thousands of people whose financial ability has been decimated, whose once glowing future is suddenly unclear, whose homes are on the foreclosure block, and whose jobs are no longer safe.

How have you been impacted by this financial crisis? How are you coping?

What plans have you made to secure your financial future? What advice do you have for those who are reeling under such a severe blow?

Share your thoughts with readers across the world.

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