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July 31, 2000
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Reliance Industries is one of the world's fastest-growing chemical firms

Reliance Industries Limited has emerged among the top five fastest-growing chemical companies in the world, according to a survey conducted by the American Chemical Society.

It is also the fastest-growing company in Asia, it says.

The findings of the survey, published in a recent issue of the society's publication, Chemical & Engineering News, ranks the global top 50 as per their chemical sales. In term of sales, RIL ranked number 37 this year, up from last year's 45th position, is the only Indian company to figure in this list and chemical operating profits of more than $1,000 million.

RIL recorded a 39.1 per cent jump from last year which is the third highest - after Lyondell (USA) and Mitsui Chemicals (Japan) in the group. Its operating profit margin was more than most other companies except General Electric (US), Praxair (US), Formosa Plastics (Taiwan) and Air Products (US).

RIL showed a 35.7 per cent growth in chemical sales over last year -- fifth highest globally. Only four other companies - Lyondell. Mitsui Chemicals (Japan), Huntsman Corp (US), and Rohn and Haas (US) had higher sales growth over last year.



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