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Would you consider marrying for money?

June 01, 2009 16:38 IST
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Let's face it -- with times as tough as they have been of late, financial worries are taking a toll on other aspects of our lives, especially relationships.

It's not easy keeping romance alive when a couple has a home loan to repay, bills to shell out on and a household to run; pay-cuts, pink slips and a lack of job security are playing havoc with most people's minds at the moment.

So what's the alternative? Hope for the best and wait it out?

Or begin to wonder what your life would have been like if you had married for money?

There are many people out there who wouldn't settle for less and are honest enough to admit it -- when you crave for or are used to a certain lifestyle, getting hitched to a wealthy partner is one way of ensuring your future security.

Even when it comes to arranged marriages, money matters usually weigh in heavily on the proceedings -- parents want to see their children well-settled and comfortable. A well-educated guy with a large salary, or a rich young lady who will inherit her father's business are deemed highly eligible.

What are your views on marrying for money?

Do you think that it's despicable or excusable, given how tough some people have it?

Would you consider it if you were not in a relationship?

Do you know of someone who married for financial reasons? How did it work out?

Tell us what you think -- share your views and experiences with other readers and post your comments on the message board below.

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

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