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What annoys you about fellow movie-goers?

Source: ANI
August 20, 2009 09:56 IST
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Etiquette authority Debrett's has come out with a first official guide on how cinemagoers should conduct themselves.

The specialist publisher listed recommendations on how not to annoy other audience members with disturbances.

Jo Bryant, from, hopes that the new guidelines will help raise standards of a cinema experience.

"Over the past few years we have noticed an overall decline in the nation's cinema etiquette. Having someone kick you in the back of the seat or talking for the duration of the film can be a real pain and can spoil a trip to the cinema," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

The suggestions include settling down into your chair before the movie begins, and refraining from kicking the seat in front of you.

Avoiding back-row smooching that causes embarrassment to others, along with abstinence from talks or whispers during the film, was also advised.

Debrett's also offers guidance not to rustle sweet wrappers, suggesting they be opened before the show starts or later during noisy scenes.

Debrett's came up with the guidelines after a research, commissioned by Orange Wednesdays, showed that 66 per cent of film fans urged for an improvement in etiquette at the cinema.

Andy Pearcey, from Orange, said: "Film fans want to see more than just good value: they want to immerse themselves in the action, kick back and enjoy the best movie experience possible. They do not want to be disturbed by raucous behaviour."

What bugs you about your fellow movie-goers?

Large groups of college kids who seem to enjoy chattering amongst themselves more than the movie?

Oh-so-funny guys who yell out one-line smart-ass comments during intense or romantic scenes?

Have you been guilty of breaking these cinema rules yourself? Are you the back-seat kicker? Or the one who keeps asking 'Why did he do that?' or 'What happened there?' all through the movie?

Share your movie-going gripes and gags in the messageboard below!

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Source: ANI