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Readerspeak: 'OBC? Rich? Welcome to IIM!'

May 21, 2008 12:04 IST
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Last week, we invited readers to comment on whether the steep hike in IIT and IIM fees will affect deserving Indians.

Here are a few of the interesting responses:

The fees in IIM/IIT should be charged after placements, depending on kind of compensation packages one gets. Till then a kind of indemnity bond can be entered into for liability to pay the fees when placed. If compared with the kind of salaries these graduates from IIT/IIM gets after passing out, the proposed fees is still meagre.

-- Bhupinder Singh

This is the well undertood steps of industrilist or higher caste to deprive lower income group (or lower caste or rural community) from higher education.

-- Ram Lal Verma

IIM fee hikes would not affect so much the deserving students as the reservations of seats for OBCc which are being implemented in this session.

-- HariOm Gupta

OBC? yes. Rich? yes. Welcome to IIM.

-- Apocalypto

The decision taken by IIM's/IIT's to hike the fees for the coming academic year is absolutely in the right direction. As the IIM's/IIT's students after completion of the course through placements take a good pay. They can recover the entire fees in fews months. And,also the IIM's/IIT's faculties will aso be compensated for the efforts they put in. Rather then to cry hike in the fees, just well come the decision taken by IIM's/IIT's.

-- Rachit Patel

I come from a lower middle class background. However, I do feel that government charity should be restricted to primary education. There is no need for government subsidies studies of the students who wont even look back at their country/easily earn 50 lakhs per annum or more

-- Kittappa

This could be tackled by reserving more setas for OBC and convert it to IIOBCM . Naturally there will be call of politicians to reverse the fee hike as it can convert it into votes which is even bigger than fees.

-- Dipen D

Iim fee hike cannnot be justified.thogh it is claimed that economically weak students will be looked after why these white elephants of highly coveted institutions not show their management skills with a lower fee structure which they teach their students.cannot their be arational for fee increase when the iims are sitting on ahigh corpse of funds. at leas there should be only a very nomical increse of say 5 to 10 percent. the biggest danger is all to watch that even c grade management institutes will jump to iccrese their fee manifold

-- Haribansh Singh

A fee hike is justified in the premier institutes but what is not right is the timing. It must be announced well in advance (like a year) and not in Mar and implemented in June. Another point to be thought over is the quantum of increase, which seems to be phenomenal. Maybe increasing the fees on a regular basis would be a better idea rather than such jumps in fees, which throws the funding plans of students of out gear. The only silver lining in this is that banks are ready to offer loans. That too not without guarantor, so financially backward students need to seek guarantees from relatives and friends. Maybe all these difficulties are justified, as the students land in good jobs. Let us wait for the committee's report

-- Badri Ramanujan

Credit-card style Management Education is all hype and of no substance ........ we Indians dont need it. It is only for those filthy accumulators .

-- Red Chillies

This is a very valid point. If I manage to get my wards admitted in IIMs with this fee hike definitely I will advice them to work for MNCs with overseas placements since you have to pay back the loan with full interest. This means India is producing efficient managers but not able to reap the benefits of a good harvest. Anyway I do hope policies will change.

-- Priyanka Hazra

What do you think of the hike in IIT and IIM fees? Post your comments on the message board below!

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