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Are you happy with your appraisal? Tell us

May 19, 2008 12:34 IST
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The months of April and May usually have salaried employees on tenterhooks, as this is when they expect their appraisals and the good or bad news that follows.

While 'April' and 'appraisal' may sound similar, most employers prefer April to dish out their employees' performance cards, because it is the beginning of a new financial year and helps employers maintain accounts.

The employees, on the other hand become a bunch of nerves come April. There are expectations on both sides and they aren't always met! Employees think they have done a great job the previous year and expect a good hike, while employers think that the former's performances are lacking in one way or the other.

What's the case with you? How did your appraisals go this year? Did you receive as much as you expected from your organisation? How did you react when you read the much-anticipated letter?

If you aren't satisfied with your increment, are you planning to ask your employer for more? Are you threatening to resign or have you already received an offer letter from your company's competitors? What's your next step post-appraisal?

We want to hear all about your experiences and opinions in this regard. Just post your comments on the messageboard below and the best responses will be published next week, right here on!

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