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Readerspeak: 'We are more racist than Americans'

March 11, 2008 14:22 IST
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Last week, we asked Get Ahead readers to comment on the recent murders of Indian students in the US.

Here are a few of the most interesting responses:

Can U recollect how PM was sleepless when Dr Haneef was arrested in Australia. PM summoned Australian High command to bail him out. On the contrary 4 murders have note been noticed by Sonia Pm or our secular leaders and BJP is also silent . Had it been A MINORITY, our sECULAR Govt tv channels would have been flashing 'breaking news' thru the day and competing with one another to claim who broke the news first etc... Deve Gowda offered him a position the Ambedkar Medical College making him a National hero as if he had sacrificed fo the nation... One does not understand the impulsive nature of our media and the Government

-- Lopesh Desai

Guys who want to go US please do remember that first you should understand the friends, schoolmates n roomates and some times you need to be cautious about the surrounding also.. Once you leave your home country please be careful.

But guys my request to all of you lets make our country to become number one... instead of going to US why can't we stay here in our own country..

-- Maryala Anil Kumar

My heart goes out to the family of all students who fell victim to campus violence in US schools and universities. I understand that international students here might not have sufficient finances to support themselves comfortably, but inspite of that I strongly recommend them not to choose to live in low-priced unsafe neighbourhoods, even if it means that they accomodate one extra person in their apartment to keep cost of living low or even if they have to rent a little further away from campus (a shared car will be an apt solution). This simple rule might help to a great extent. But if the basis of murders were something other than robbery then its a different thing.

-- Orion

The common thread linking these dastardly crimes is that none them have been solved and no one has been punished. Well US is no Eldorado but a place to die, at least for Indian students.

-- Harishanker

In India, there was a neighbours kid who practically grew up in our house. He had dinner at our place...we had cable TV (first in our street )..he would be watching TV and some days he would just fall asleep and we would tuck a pillow and cover him with a blanket.

The first day I was in the USA (Texas), I was advised by my cousin who received me to not to wander around into neighbors property or knock on the door. He said I have to take appointment before visiting them else I could get shot for trespassing.

Scared the bejeesus out of me.

-- Nandu

Statistically speaking, USA is safer to any indian, than is India. The mortality  percent is far far lower in US than in India.

-- Vignesh P

Well, why do Indian students go to US.Becos that country recognises merit and ones true worth.Financially they are better off.And future is almost guaranteed.But like all the good things in life,They face hurdles.US is the only country where you can buy a firearm from ashop and drug abuse is rampant.In short morality is in short supply.Indians who go to the US generaly concentrate on their studies and
are targets of racial abuse and ridicule from their peers.Certainly some places in US have to be avoided at all costs since there is high incidence of poverty and Indians look comparitively better off.So basically avoid trouble spots like Black dominated `areas. And
you have to decome streetsmart to survive in the
US.And remember India is the best place to be.No place like home.

-- K Raghu

We, Indians kill each others. we,Indians fight each others,We,Indian rape and kill somebody's sisters,daughters and mothers. So others have got rights to kill Indians.

-- Rajan Alakandy

Let's start with you..... When do we come over to do the honours!

-- Narayan Venkatishvar

Simple guys.. The natives of the land dont like outsiders coming in and taking their jobs..Indians are Bhiharis in USA

-- Anonymous

Well we can't expect sons of soil in USA and Canada to give better treatment to Indians when Mumbaikars (Indians) or may be others are unable to extend same to UP or Bihar people or people from other parts of the country.

Such crimes and discriminatory policies should not be complained by hypocrites likes of which are Raj Thakre and Bal Thakre and so called shiva sainiks. The irony of these bigots being called shiva sainiks is lost on their empty minds as lord shiva is supposed to be a Dravidian God incorporated in sanatan dharma and widely revered all across Indian sub continent.

-- Pankaj Jha

First our goverment has to stop killings of Foreigner in Goa first. Then only we can rise our voice.

-- Arunsankar

Where the hell is Bush? Now his people are killing then there are just one-time criminals and not terrorists?

-- Smitha Ramchandran

The problem lies with american culture.Unlike India, where children are taught to have tolerance,have respect for others, American just learn to have their way out.As a result, there violence is increasing among students,they are not only killing their Indian counterparts but fellow americans also.But the real cause of concern is how safe is an Indian aspiring to be a doctor, engineer or business guru, on american soil.

-- Sarita Mishra

In all cases,robbery seem to be the motive behind the crime and not racial as some of you have mentioned below. I guess living on your own in a foreign country has its fair share of risks and makes you an easy target for such crimes.All you could do is to maintain a good social circle and use a house share,also avoid hanging around in isolated areas,especially after dark.

-- Anup

After four consecutive incidents, I don't think so. One or two incident could be said (for arguments sake) accident or rubbery. After 4 back to back incidents, anyone would say there is a problem. Why picking at Indian student for rubbery - The world knows that they are not from affluent compare to our AMERICAN BIG DADDY'S sons & daughters. Here a pattern is growing to aim at Indian Students.
Barak Obama is even thinking of "outsourcing jobs". What kind of signal he is giving to people out there?
My only request to the Presidential candidates that they better pay attention to these happenings.
AND The Indian Government (is there any?) should reconsider signing the N-Deal with the US.

-- Abarna Banerjee

Why do we call americans as racist. their is no other country more racist then us. when it happens elsewhere we call them racist but at the same time support worser incidents in india itself and take pride in doing or saying so. how dual personalties we have in india. others will definitely take advantage of our internal disturbance it is not too far when we understand what is national integration.

-- Naval Kishor

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