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'This generation is after girls, sex & mobiles'

January 28, 2008 12:08 IST
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Last week, we asked Get Ahead readers to share their opinions on whether young citizens of the nation take pride in their country on January 26, Republic Day.

Is the occasion one of national significance to them?

We were flooded with comments and here are some of the more interesting ones:

Well our political leaders and the law "caretakers" are to be blamed for the lack of interest on Republic Day...there is so much of hogus pocus that the Constitution has lost its relevance!

-- Bizzbizz

What a heck these Republic day and independence day. Why these days are dry days.

neways, thanks for 2 holidays. One in Monsoon & one in winter for sleeping till late mornings.

-- Ninth Wonder

Love my country as i love my mother

nothing can stop it .. jai hind...........

-- Mani Sub

We youngsters have never experienced the pain and agony this nation underwent to secure Independence from Britishers and the status of a Republic. Perhaps, the generation of that era (1920s to 1950s) is also dumb found with memories of cellebration of Republic India. I my self has witnessed the same course of events at the Republic Day Parade for past 40 years; except that we view this parade in color on our TV Sets.

-- Rahul Singh

I wish the writer to enlighten us, what is expected from youngsters to make such national event more meaningful.

When you ask something about sex, there would have been 1000s of responses. See how many responses are there to this topic? This manifests the interest of young indians?

-- Madhu

Hello everyone

most most youngster in city celebrate 26th Jan. as an HOLIDAY. even few of my friends are planning where to party in day and which disco in night. BUT HEY, let me clear one thing ALL YOUNGSTER (including me) love our country just as we love our respective mother. We do celebrate 15th August with TRI COLORS and FLAG CEREMONIES, Distributing Foods & Cloths to poor and distribute sweets to each and other, For individuals like me my friends and some corporate people, 15th August is like an EID and DEWALI.

BUT WHY 26th Jan. is an holiday for most youngsters? because youngster have no faith in government and its administrations. The constitution has been taken for granted by rich people and some currupt politicians.

But many are there who still celebrate 26th jan. with full spirit and faith, because every individual has his/her own point of view.

IN SHORT - INDIA IS GROWING while its administration is sleeping. our politicians even don't know how to operate WINDOWS XP, i wonder whether have they worked on any computer in their whole life???

BUT As our former president of INDIA, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said, LOOK INTO MIRROR and ask yourself before pointing out fingers on others, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR OWN COUNTRY?

We need people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Azim Premji, Ratan Tata in Politics. we don't need currupt politicians who now own Parliament in the name of mandir and masjid.

-- Rang De Basanti

If a scientist like Abdul Kalam were addressing the nation on the eve of Republic day, I would really take time to listen and even take notes of his plans for developing India. But why would I even care to even look at the current president's image on screen? Let alone listening to the speech!

-- Bond Kumar

We are group of people who play shuttle badminton everyday here in bangalore are hoisting flag on our court and plan to have a great patriotic day :-)

-- Sam Kim

Democracy is a farce in India as we very well know the reality. Even after so many years we indulge in linguistic politics.We all get swayed by jingoism & care a damn about fellow Indians.We are the most rascist people on earth as we term fellow Indians as outsiders even while navigating within the country. Republic day has become just symbolic day.

-- Rajan Iyer

The Republic Day is of NO Significance to the younger generation. This generation is after GURLS, SEXX & MOBILES. They dont want to hear stories of DESHBHAGTI kind, simply not interested. Tell them about a gurl may be 10 kms far, they will follow her.....

-- Rocky Singh

Patriotism cannot be forced. It comes from within our innerself. people talking of bonus day off are mere 20% of indian population. rest 80% are villagers, farmers etc. they do have significance of republic day.

-- Your KG

Thanks to our all powerful Madam, the position of our President has been devalued to such an extent that mygrandson asked me a very pertinent question when I had to run for cover to cover my face as well.He has been an avoved reader of News-papers as told in his school.His question was quite simple: After all the charges and counter-charges could she not find any other person even a woman if she wanted to, to occupy the post? Why such a controvercial person with such serious charges about the Sugar Factory,Mahila Co-op Bank and charges against a close relative in the family? All these matters were drowned in our fight against "secularism" and "Hindutva" without even bothering much about Terrorism!
Frankly I did not have a convincing answer!

-- Active

What do you think of the younger generation's attitude towards Republic Day and other such national holidays? Post your responses on the message board below!

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