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How do YOU plan to make a difference?

Last updated on: December 05, 2008 12:13 IST
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Everybody is raging over the terror strikes that have rocked Mumbai, particularly the youth. Cellphones are beeping with SMSes to hold candlelight vigils, show up at peace marches and join online forums protestng what happened.

"All of us want to do something. We also need to fight for our rights and spread awareness. We need to come up with a solution and then achieve what we set out to do, before we settle back into our lives," says Mumbaiite K C Loy.

"This incident took place in Mumbai, but who knows? Delhi could be next. Should we all sit tight in our homes or is it time for us to come together as the youth of India and take some action," says Sonya Khanna, a 21-year-old Mass Com student from Delhi.

How has your life been affected by what transpired? Do you believe in all talk or do you think a proactive stance is the order of the day?

Do you think we'll be back where we started a month or so down the line, without ensuring that such a tragedy is prevented in future at all costs?

Are you ready to get off your butt and do something to prevent it? Share your thoughts, opinions and advice in this regard on the message board below.

Tell us how you are going to make a difference! Have your say!

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Help Mumbai's terror victims

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