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Is marrying your best friend a good idea?

April 15, 2008 19:05 IST
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It often happens that two close friends end up getting married when they fail to find a suitable partner.

After all, you're hooking up with someone you know, love and trust -- what can be better than getting hitched to your best friend, right?

While some of these marriages work, however, others fail and both partners regret not only the dissolution of romance, but also the loss of a close and much-loved confidante -- it's unlikely that husband and wife can remain good pals through a messy separation and divorce.

We invite our readers to comment on marrying your best buddy.

Did you wed somebody you've known and been friends with for years? How did it work out?

Do you think it's a good idea? Does one lose a friend, or is one in danger of losing a friend, by marrying him/ her?

Share your opinions, advice and experiences in this regard -- simply paste your comments on the message board below and the best ones will be published next week, right here on

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