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Is it cheaper to study in Australia?

February 27, 2007 14:41 IST
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Part I: Planning to study in Australia?

Australia is fast becoming a favourite destination for students looking to study abroad.


According to overseas education counsellor Karan Gupta, this is because Australian schools are cheaper than schools in other countries. Admissions are also easier, he adds. However, getting a job there is another story. Karan enlightened readers on Australia as a study destination, during a chat on February 15.


For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



Prashit asked, How's La Trobe University for Masters in Computer Networks? Please suggest.
Karan Gupta answers, La Trobe offers some good courses. If you have studied the course content and are happy with it, I would recommend that you apply to this university. Overall, this is an average university.



Adil asked, In the latest world rankings I found CEIBS and University of Cape Town ranking very high any comments on these schools for MBA
Karan Gupta answers, I think Financial Times and Report-ed will give you a fair idea of what the top business schools are. In my opinion, you should look at other business schools rather than China Europe International Business School and Cape Town.



Imran asked, I have done my graduation in BCA from Goa University. I am planning to do my MS in Computer science from Monash University, Australia. So is it worth doing my MS from Australia and from this University?
Karan Gupta answers, Monash is a good university. I do have students who have managed to get jobs from Monash after graduation. However, I would also recommend that you put in an application with The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.



Raju asked, I am in final year of BSc (Hospitality & Hotel Admn) from IHM, PUSA and am desirous of going for Management trainee etc. Please advise how to go about it?
Karan Gupta answers, I presume you are applying for an MBA. If yes, you need to appear for the GMAT and IELTS. Remember you must have work experience if you want to apply to the top business schools.



Naiyanimoorthi asked, i had BBA. I want to study PG. Which course very useful?
Karan Gupta answers, I would recommend that you get some work experience and then apply for an MBA. Again, you will need to appear for the GMAT and the IELTS for admissions to Australian Universities.



Kaushik asked, is it difficult to get a work permit in Australia after MBA there?
Karan Gupta answers, Yes, getting work permits in Australia are not easy. Actually, finding jobs is not that easy.



ABHIJ asked, What about an MBA from SPAIN
Karan Gupta answers, The only good university in Spain is IE Business School. This school is ranked No11 in the world by the Financial Times and number three in Europe. Ninety per cent of students get jobs upon graduation and 100% after three months.



Sam asked, hello Karan, which is the best university in Australia? Are Australian universities generally on par with their American counterparts as far as course content and quality of their MBA program is concerned? Thanks a lot.
Karan Gupta answers, For an MBA programme, the Melbourne Business School is the best. Yes, in terms of course content, there is hardly any difference between the universities in the US and Australia. The methodology and faculty are different and in most cases, better in the US.



Shailendra asked, Hi Karan. What is one thing that a student has to prefer Australia to any other foreign destination?

Karan Gupta answers, I would say cost. Generally Australian schools are cheaper than other schools. Also, admissions are easier.



Sunny asked, What is the cost of study in Australia for BBA including airfare?
Karan Gupta answers, An average cost is around $20000 per year. The air ticket will not cost you more than Rs.25,000.



Amit asked, how is Central Queensland University in Sydney?
Karan Gupta answers, In my opinion, Central Queensland University is an average university.



Kedar asked, Hi Karan, is it better to do MBA from 3-40th ranked US university or top 5 ranked Asian school?
Karan Gupta answers, It depends on the school. Compare specific schools to arrive at this decision. In general, US B-schools have a better MBA programme than Asian business schools - course content, faculty, international students and so on.



Naina asked, After doing an MBA in Australia, is it easy to get a job there?
Karan Gupta answers, It depends on which university you graduated from. Like I said earlier, it is not easy to get jobs in Australia.



Joshi asked, I am CA and CS having five years of work experience. I have got my PR (permanent residency)approved last year. I want to do MBA from Australia. Would appreciate if you could please let me know the good universities out there and can I also get loan out there? Thanks
Karan Gupta answers, Since you are a PR now, you may qualify for loans from the local banks and even from some universities. Look at MBS and AGSM for the MBA.



Kapz asked, Mr Karan what do you think are the chances of getting a good job in the field after finishing studies? Nearly 8000 students went to Australia in 2007 batch and 60% in hotel Management. Do all get jobs or they end up doing other jobs?
Karan Gupta answers, This year the number is quoted to be close to 27,000. Most students try to find work in other countries or come back to India.



Abcdefgh asked, can you please tell me some course by which I can get permanent residency in Australia?
Karan Gupta answers, Don't just do a course to get PR in Australia. Instead choose a course which you like and have an aptitude for.



Anupam Arora asked, hello sir, I am doing my ca final. I want to know about CA of Australia. Is that beneficial for me?
Karan Gupta answers, You can visit this web site for more information on CA in Australia.



Nevin asked, Which is the best university for MBA (Marketing/Finance) in Australia? I have 3 years of work experience.
Karan Gupta answers, Like I said earlier, MBS and AGSM.



Prasad asked, Is this a wise proposition to do a undergraduate course in communications in Australia? Am working for a magazine for the last 2 years and a qualified engineer and an MBA.
Karan Gupta answers, If you already have an MBA, why would you opt for an undergraduate course? If you have an MBA, you can opt for a second MBA or a PhD.



CPgroup asked, I am an engineer with a PG Dip in Telecom Management from IIT Kharagpur. Recently I have got a campus placement in Reliance Communication with RS 10 lakh. But I am interested in getting into Management. I have applied for the MM of the AIM Phillipines. So please suggest me some institutes of Australia where I can apply keeping in view my 6 yrs of experience, so that I can get into top management position.
Karan Gupta answers, Research the courses offered by the universities before you make your decision. You can visit think Financial Times and Report-ed and find the top schools that offer an MBA and then make your applications accordingly.



Immi1980 asked, Hi Karan. This is Imran from Mumbai. I am BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication and currently working for VSNL.I want to settle down in Australia so can you suggest how can I go about it?
Karan Gupta answers, The best way to obtain permanent residency is to first study in Australia. Since you have work experience you might want to consider an MBA. If not, you can opt for a Master's degree.



Madhu asked, May I know what are new courses for management in Australia?
Karan Gupta answers, There are no 'new' courses. But you can opt for specialisations in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and so on.



Vetri asked, I got positive response for doing my PhD study from St.Vincent Institute of medical research, University of Melbourne. But I could not get funding. Can you suggest some solutions, please?
Karan Gupta answers, The only feasible option is to apply for bank loans. SBI offers loans of up to Rs 20 lakhs and most other state banks offer loans of up to Rs.15 lakhs. The interest rates are around 11 per cent and the repayment period is around 5-7 years.



Dug asked, MBA - Melbourne or Tuck?
Karan Gupta answers, Dartmouth College - Tuck is better.



Abhijit Jha asked, Sir, I have a gap of around 4 years after 10+2 and would be writing IELTS on the 27th of this month. Sir is it worthwhile writing the test after the gap and moreover I am very keen to study abroad like Australia and settle down over there can you please advise me on a course which the any where its easy to get a permanent residence I was a science student in 10+2 with 55 per cent. Will any of the universities give me an admission? Please advise?
Karan Gupta answers, You are still eligible to apply for admissions to the Bachelor's degree program. You will, however, have to explain to the admission committee what you have done in the last four years years. Pursue a course which interests you rather than looking for courses which will help you get PR.



Shan asked, What are the job prospects after doing MBA from Melbourne Business School?
Karan Gupta answers, MBS is a good school and most people do manage to find jobs after they graduate.



Suraj asked, Sir what are the scholarships in university of Sydney for mechatronics?
Karan Gupta answers, Very few chances of scholarships. Most students are self funded or get loans from Indian banks.



Sunny singh asked, what is the actual cost of study in Australia for BBA and how I get the visa and what are papers are require for visa?
Karan Gupta answers, The cost is around $20,000 per year. For the visa you will have to show that you are a serious student and that you have enough money to pay for your education. You will also have to show that you will come back to India after the completion of your education.



Jindkamal asked, Hello Sir, I want to Do PhD in computer. Please tell me the expenses and good institute for this?
Karan Gupta answers, Look at colleges such as UTS, RMIT etc. If you get admission to a PhD programme and find a faculty member under whom you can research or teach, you will be fully funded.



Nevin asked, how is Macquarie University for MBA?
Karan Gupta answers, It's a good school. Good MBA and good job prospects after graduation.



Prabhas asked, where to study chemical engineering in Australia for MS? I am BTech from NIT Warangal?
Karan Gupta answers, Look at UTS and RMIT. Both have courses of your liking.



Rahulkjadhao asked, i am pursuing Ph.D in chemical engineering at IIT, Roorkee. I am interested in Post doc in Australia. My brother is in Australia. He is citizen. which is the best option for me? Either I should apply for immigration first than post doc or vis a vis?
Karan Gupta answers, Speak to an immigration lawyer in Australia and find out how much time it will take before your immigration comes through. Depending on what he says you can make a decision.



Priyanka asked, Hello, How good is a hotel management degree in Australia? Is there any scope to get scholarship? If yes, please let me know the best college and the month of entrance.
Karan Gupta answers, Hotel Management is a good field to do from Australian Universities. Remember the main industry in Australia is hotel management. Scholarships are very difficult to get and most students are self funded.



Vaibhav asked, Hi Karan, are there any good executive MBA options in Australia? In Europe or the US the cost of an executive MBA (1 year duration) is approximately $1.5 to 2 mn. How does Australia compare in cost and recognition?
Karan Gupta answers, It really depends on which universities you are comparing. In such cases, compare specific universities to know which one is better. I prefer the US/Europe for an executive MBA.



Shailesh asked, I am working in our family own business. We supply Castings to Automobile Industry. My education is less. I am now doing BCom externally. But my work experience is almost 13 years. What type of education specially in management I can get in Australia?
Karan Gupta answers, You are eligible to apply for an MBA or an Executive MBA. Since you have 13 years of work experience, I would recommend an Executive MBA.



Iindkamal asked, Hello What is the ranking of Swinburne University?
Karan Gupta answers, In my opinion, Swinburne is a very average university.



Karan Gupta says, Thank you very much for attending this chat. Our time is up and we must close the chat now.


Part I: Planning to study in Australia?

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