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5 innerwear faux pas by women

By Veyoleen Mehrotra
Last updated on: July 21, 2006 12:34 IST
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We are all guilty of committing the occasional faux pas when it comes to grooming. This holds true even for celebrities who have a team of stylists on their payroll.

Of course, we are fortunate that we don't have the entire world watching us while we commit that blooper.

Nevertheless, the worst fashion howlers have to do with our innerwear. So with help from those in the fashion trade, we've put together a list of the most common innerwear faux pas and how one can avoid them.

First, we start with what is relevant for women, followed by tips for men.

Faux Pas Number One: Ill-fitting bras

According to Lauren Gumbiner, Manager, Intimacies at Bloomingdales, it is absolutely essential to wear a bra that is well-fitted. After all, you need the right foundation underneath your clothes. "There are surveys that suggest that 75 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size, " she adds. 

"Certain sizes are not easily available here. Hence, women with larger busts compensate by wearing bigger back sizes and smaller cup sizes, " adds Dalbir Bains, proprietor, Boudoir London, a lingerie store at Juhu. 

"I recommend that every woman find a lingerie shop and have themselves fitted once and for all, so you know the right size for you. Once you have found the correct size you will feel so much more comfortable and bra shopping might actually be fun, " says Lauren.

For instance, at Boudoir London you can have yourself professionally fitted, wherein you can try on different sizes and styles before choosing one that offers you support, comfort and makes you feel sexy. You can then walk away with the correct bra, whether it be an A cup or an FF.   

Faux Pas Number Two: Visible bra straps that overwhelm delicate strap blouses

Lauren recommends wearing a bra that suits the outfit. Plastic straps don't count; a convertible bra for a racer back top is appropriate and for a tube top or one with thin straps, go for a strapless bra.

Dalbir feels that every girl must have a good T-shirt bra; a seamless bra that sits perfectly under fitted tops and shows no lines or any details. Prices start from Rs 600; treat it like a good investment.

Plastic straps underneath a strapless or delicately strapped top detract attention from the top. Trying to hold the bra up by hooking on these plastic straps drops your style quotient down to tacky.

A good quality strapless bra will provide you with the necessary support and coverage while offering that clean, well-put together look. If you must wear plastic, make it your last resort and then go for the basic kind.

With the entry of international brands and greater awareness of personal needs, large-busted women too can find different styles for different occasions.

Boudoir London offers the Panache strapless bra in FF cup sizes. It is specially designed to provide shape and support for larger women. 

Here's what you must always keep in mind.

  • Don't make a hasty purchase.
  • Don't compromise on quality for a lower price.
  • Carry the top with you to help you decide on the right bra.

Faux Pas Number Three: The Dreaded Panty Line

For obvious reasons, panty lines that show through your trouser look dreadful. You can choose thongs, seamless underwear or boy short panties.

To help you find out which one suits your style; a thong is a narrow strip of fabric that rests between the thighs and is held up with the waistband. A thong leaves your behind exposed thus allowing no visible panty lines.  

A boy short panty, on the other hand looks like hot pants. Choosing one that fits your size will avoid any kind of bulges yet provide good coverage.

"Another reason for visible panty line is the thick fabric of your underpants," says Hufriya, an air hostess and model. "Make sure the fabric is thin and sits like second skin," she advises.

Faux Pas Number Four: Dark underwear below light coloured clothing

Ever notice how women will wear these beautiful white salwar kameezes with colourful, printed underwear?!

All-white underwear glows in bright light. Dark or floral or colourful underwear is noticeable under light clothing.
Hence, with light clothing, wear flesh-toned underwear. Go with nude colours or white, anything else looks inappropriate.

Faux Pas Number Five: Underpants on display

Don't think that a thong sticking out from under your pants looks anything but sleazy, and not to mention a tad bit unsanitary. Unless you are a lingerie model, this is a definite blunder! When you wear a thong, choose the low-rise ones that do not peep when you take a seat.

So there you are. If you are planning to go inner wear shopping you can now show smart. Have fun!  

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