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Top 4 US visa interview questions

Last updated on: October 13, 2005 14:34 IST
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You've got a cushy new job waiting for you in the US. And a successful visa interview is your ticket. What questions can you expect?

US visa regulations expert Dr Arun Vakil, in an hour-long chat with Get Ahead readers, had all the answers.

According to Dr Vakil, the visa officer could quiz you on the following: the objective of your visit, duration of your visit, current job profile in India and what you plan to do on your return to India.

Dr Arun Vakil has an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and a PhD from the University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA. He was associated with the US consulate in Mumbai as an economist from 1974 to 1977. He conducts orientation courses for students going to the US, organised by the United States Education Foundation in India and the Indo-American Society. He also lectures on US visas and immigration laws, and has authored Gateway to America, in 1984.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

Part I: Pointers to get your US student visa

Part III: Want to settle abroad? 

kk : Is it possible to get a viza for people who are not that qualified?

Dr VaKil : Yes, if you have a spouse who is a US citizen or an H-1/L-1 visa holder.

priya : I want to apply for L-2 along with my husbands L-1. Am i eligible to work in USA if so can I apply my EAD along with L-2

Dr VaKil : 
Yes Priya, your husband can apply for your L-2 and you can definitely work in that capacity.

Amol : Greetings, Dr. Vakil. I have an H1B with a consultant, how easy it is to shift it to another employer , provided that I haven't yet used that H1-B ?

Dr Vakil : 
You can shift an employer with a new H-1.You may use the services of an immigration attorney for a smooth transfer.

Arindam : I've done BCA and having 5 yrs of IT exp. can i apply for H1B in UA?

Dr Vakil : 
You cannot apply for an H-1B visa. An employer has to file it from the US for you, and you do seem to qualify.

pervez : sir i have filed for US visa under CR1, they asked me to file a waver since once i was not allowed to enter US on H1B vis because my sponser didnt responced, sir i want to know what is the chance that i will get the visa, i have filed the waver saying i am really in a hardship since my wife is ill and we lost our baby.

Dr VaKil : Your case needs special study and evaluation. Please consult a professional for further course of action.

krishnanvv : Hi,This is in regard to the H1 filed in the mid of June05.In spite of my wife having bachelor degree & 7+ years of IT exp, she did even get her NAC .May i know the reason???

Dr Vakil : 
Can you expand on NAC?

royabhijit : Hello Sir, I have applied for B1 visa twice and each time I recieved B1/B2 visa for 6 months. I am applying third time for B1 visa. How can I get B1 visa for more than 6 months.

Dr VaKil : 
You cannot ask for a B-1 visa for a specific length of time. The visa officer makes that decision.

manoj_patrekar : hello sir, i am science graduate (8+11+graduate) and software professional working with limited company (Oracle+D2K) having 10 year of experience. is there any chance to get visa for working in usa.

Dr VaKil : 
Yes, you have a good chance, provided you can find an employer who will file an H-1 visa for you.

Archana : Hello Sir,As i have interview for B1 VISA with US Consulate, what type of questions they will askas i am working with Software company in INDIA.

Dr Vakil : 
Possible questions include:  i. Objective of your visit, ii. Duration of your visit, iii. What is your current job profile in your current software company in India?,  iv. What will you do on your return to India?

You could also be asked about your family.

Ramanan : Hi Vakil, I am attending interview by tomorrow for B1 visa, But already i got rejected once. It was last 2 years back for brief invitation letter. Do i get a visa even if i rejected once sir?

Dr Vakil : 
No problem. If you have your documents right, go with confidence and smile at the visa officer. Positive body language helps.

Bosky : Good Evening Sir,I had once applied for tourist visa in 2003 but was rejected on the basis that i was planning to immigrate to uSA. Now i am once again applying for tourist visa, but now i have an affidavit of support I-134 from my nephew who is an US citizen.Also plz tell me what are my chances of getting visa with the affidavit ?

Dr Vakil : 
Your chances are good. However, make sure your financial statements showing your ties in India are good. Consult a professional if possible.

Vishal : I am on H1B and want to take my spouse to US on H4. Any specific guidelines on that?

Dr Vakil : 
You need to prove that your marraige is genuine by providing a marriage certificate and other documentary proof, with photographs.

vamshi_same : For H1-B stamping we need to produce company's tax returns and photos also apart from offer letter

Dr Vakil : 
Yes. Also, your pay stubs and official documents that you got from the immigration office (CIS) in the US.  

raju_os : Dear Dr VaKil. I have a brother who is a permanent resident of USA. Is there any chances that he can take me there to USA. I mean, any kind of or any class of visa which allows me too.

Dr Vakil : 
No, your brother has to be a US citizen to enable him to apply for you. This will take about 12 years to fructify.

vgjosh : You asked, i am 35 years old and i want to do my MS in Transportation Engineering, i have got he admission from eight universities, and i applied for visa for Fall - 2005 for mys studies at North Carolina State University, my visa was rejected and main reason is that i found over age and she said that i will go there and work there. how difficult to get the visa for studies at this age? can i try for spring - 2006 semester now.

Dr VaKil : Personally, I don't think age should be a problem as people study even at an advanced age in America. Probably, the visa officer was unconvinced about your intentions when you applied with regards to your financial and social ties in India.You can certainly try one more time and seek professional advice if possible.

Rajesh Kumar : Daer Dr. Vakil, My Sis-in-law is a Maths teacher teaching grade 8-12. She is considering migrating to US. Please guide

Dr VaKil : 
If she can locate an employer (a school) that plans to hire her, she can qualify to get H-1B Visa. There is no quota for teachers.

1234 : Sir, If i am unable to get an appointment date before the date of my course , as i can apply only 3 months prior to my course starting, what are my options? i will apply at mumbai consulate

Dr VaKil : 
You can inform the emergency counter at the US Visa Application Center that you need to reach your University by a specified date. They will help you accordingly.

nee yabba : hello sir, i attened an interview for H1b because i was kept on 221g because they identified one fake experince in India,they asked me i accepted there is 6 months fake experince in between..will this effect me in the future if i go for h1b visa

Dr VaKil : 
It is not very clear what you state about fake experience. Anyway, if your next H-1B visa interview shows that you are a genuine applicant with a genuine employer, you should get a favourable response.

Aabhas : Sir Plz reply: Hello sir, I work in a IT company as Business Head and want to travel to US(NY/NJ) for business purposes. Please suggest how should i go abt the visa process.I am single, 26, living in Jaipur and hold a Bachelor degree. I also hold a US recognized B.Tech degree for a canadian university.

Dr Vakil : 
You need to take documents to prove you are going to the US due to prior appointments with business associates.You must have a specific itinerary and travel funds.

krjs : I am attending an interview for under H1b category tomorrow i.e. 5th Oct 2005 at chennai.I am a chartered cum cost accountant. I am also a qualified CPA with about 17 years of post qualification experience. My sponsor is providing Business Intelligence softwares on COGNOS platform.How well do i need to be prepared for the interview ?

Dr Vakil : 
I see you as a successful executive in the US. You should not have any problem.You have to tell them about your job in the US and provide information about the employing company. Go with confidence and have a blast in the US.

atuul : why US visa procedure is not easy

Dr Vakil : 
It is not difficult, provided you follow the system.

 Part I: Pointers to get your US student visa

Part III: Want to settle abroad? 


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