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'Left will be very development friendly'

May 12, 2006 18:59 IST
Get Rediff News in your Inbox: Managing Editor George Iype extensively covered the elections in Kerala. He had an online chat with readers on May 11 after the Kerala poll results came in. Following is the transcipt of the chat:


venugopalrajani : what is happened to K. Muralidharan?
George Iype : Mr Muralidharan got defeated.

jibin : who is going to be the next cheif minister in kerala
George Iype : Most likely, veteran CPIM leader V S Achuthanandan is going to be the next CM of Kerala

bvsche : iam a keralite and i need to come out of my homeland for work , like my fellow malayali, but currently iam in Kolkata for past 2 yrs , i see a difference between the left of kerala and west bengal ( currently). my worry would be the fate of Mr.Singh govt at centre ? any comments
George Iype : Nothing to worry about the fate of Manmohan Singh government to decide about your career shift! I think Kerala is a very good place to work these days.

Reporters : Will karunakaran & his stupid son hang themself after seeing the election results?
George Iype : Karunakaran and his son will find themselves in political wilderness, it looks. They have learnt very hard that they should not take people for granted, for long.

LalSalaam : George Iype , who do you think will the next CM of Kerala ?
George Iype : Most probably it will be the grand old man V S Achuthanandan, who will be the next CM.

newperson : Mr George: What does the LDF sweep in Kerala signifies? The wrong alliance of UDF or the anti-wave?
George Iype : It is basically an anti-wave and anti-incumbency. Kerala is known for voting out sitting governments for the past many years now. But the wrong alliance of the UDF, especially with Karunakaran's DIC drastically reduced the seat tally.

shcoloar : how is it that the communists align with the muslim league and raise the secular bogey everywhere else
George Iype : That is a moot question. But in Kerala, the communists manage it rather beautifully!

anish1 : what is the most beautiful thing about this kerala election? --- I think it is the defeat of Kunjalikutty. what do you say george? :)
George Iype : Yes: not just the defeat of Kunjalikutty alone. But of several other veterans like R Balakrishna Pillai, K R Gowriyamma, T M Jacob and K R Rakhavan.....

balu : George, given that Rediff as a spokesportal for BJP is an active member of the sangh parivar, do you see these results as a setback to your parivar? What are rediff's plans for motivating the other members of the parivar given this rout for BJP and its allies?
George Iype : Hi Balu: Rediff is never a spokesperson of any political party.

mohandas : Hi George,is smart city plan likely to go in the back burner?
George Iype : The Smart City may not probably go. It will re-appear in a different way; because the COmmunists can not just block development when they are in power. They know it well....

mohandas : Hi George, It looks like Kerala voters want change of guard every election.But at the same time voters not realized the growth of the state is impeded as each new govt. stops good actions of prior govt.....
George Iype : Hi Mohandas: That is the case with not just Kerala, but any other state. In Kerala, that is more accute a case, because the political divide between the LDF and UDF is sharp. But overall, the development of any state in India can not be just restrained forever because of change in governments.

nathan : Why O.Rajagopal lost ?
George Iype : Rajagopal lost because the BJP has not yet been able to make a political mark in the state. Kerala is one state where the BJP remains stagnant, for years now.

DeadIndianVoter : hi george what changes going in kerala now in left rule
George Iype : It looks the Left will be also very developmental-friendly in Kerala. They have to be. Because in their ealier stint--1996-2001, the Left was instrumental in setting up the Technopark, and the Left regime gave boost to Kerala as the best tourist destination. So they have to do better now.

nathan : see how our malayalis are fooled, the two main opposite parties LDF & UDF are only allies in the centre, still they make a show here. Etta, oh how malayalis are so gullible ?
George Iype : Coalition politics in any form and shape is the new mantra of forming government in India. So it is an "accepted contradiction" now that at the Centre, the Left and the Congress have joined hands; and in states like Kerala they fight each other!

jingle : Do you think the LDF in kerala couldface the same situation after 5 years?
George Iype : Most probably, yes, if past elections are any indication.

mathews : Hi Mr. George dont u think that we should have some upper agelimit in politics as our most of the leaders are above 70, and they definately lagging of latest vision for the nation.
George Iype : Yes, indeed, that is the need of the hour. But in Indian politics the more aged you are, the more powers you get... : Earlier when Mr. Achuthananthan was not allowed by the PB to contest in the polls, there were protests across kerala. In case PB goes for someone else as CM, what impact will it bring in the political scenario of kerala
George Iype : If the PB decides that Achuthanandan should not become the CM, there will be huge protests in the state. So it is certain that the CPIM leadership may not take such a decision; becuase suddenly Achuthanandan is a political brand name in Kerala, suddenly!

xysx : Why do Keralites act so stupid all the time
George Iype : I am not sure about that. Do you think the people sitting in villages like Kudiyanmala are really stupid?!!!

George Iype : He will not probably break the party; because those who have gone out of CPIM have never done well! So he will ensure that he becomes the CM rather than think about the impossible.

sivaprakashvv : Do you think IUML is losing its base in Malabar area?
George Iype : Yes. People in the Muslim bastion have proved this time that they are not very happy with IUML.

pcdf : What is the future of Pinarayi Vijayan?
George Iype : He will try his best to get into the CM's post somehow in an year or two. Whether he would succeed or not is the moot questions....

Muneer : The people of kerala showed extra courage and there freedom for voting. Big names like Kunjalikutty,Balakrishnapillai,jacob,Murali and other ministers find there way to hell.This is a good show of the people and a lesson for bad poiticians. Once they get a power they feel they can do every thing they want, so it is a big lesson for LDF also if they also repeats there mystake they also find the same way, what is your openion George iype ?
George Iype : Every election is a big lesson for many leaders. But after elections, their politics of opportunism, groupism and of fooling the people continues...

Diganta : How active is Karat in local CPM politics in Kerala? Is he as "foreign" there as Brinda Karat is in Bengal?
George Iype : Karat is and has never been active in local CPIM politics in Kerala. Yes, he is somewhat "foreign" in the state.

ss123 : Hi George, Looking back, do you think LDF will ever elect a low caste CM? It has always been Namboothiris,Nambiars, .... Don't you think Paloli will be consensus candidate?
George Iype : Good question....they probably would not like to have a low caste CM; but this time, they will be forced to anoint Achuthanandan because he has been pivotal to the election victory. Yes, Paloli has a good chance of becoming a consensus candidate, if Achu is denied the chance.


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