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TN needs a young CM

April 12, 2006 19:31 IST
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Tamil Nadu

Undecided alliance

Vaiko's speech really makes even an DMK member to think. Karunanadhi is good leader and he also handled the govt well in 1996-2001. But his thinking of bringing his family and son shows he is really selfish. So might this time Amma win 130 seats with majaority in the assembly. Vaiko may take up to 15 seats. DMK will win around 60-70 seats. and the rest party 20 seats. actor cum newly born politician will win 1-2 seats. PMK will also get the same.


Tamil Nadu needs a Young CM

Any party may come to rule the state, since it has been so clear that no one couldnt do any magic in transformation of the state. But the Chief Minister Could be a young Person so as to work energetically for the state and to understand the needs of the new Generation.

Anand Ramkumar S

It's time Karunanidhi announced free cable connections

Karunanidhi, a prominent tamil scholar, former CM of tamilnadu, this time announces free TV. Now its time he announced Free Cable connection to home.

As a citizen, May I ask political parties to concentrate on how to improve life styles and life support for the people of India rather than thinking of personal gain for parties they own. In india, according to world report 40% of the people's earning are less than 1$ per day. Is it correct time to announce TV or Cable. Will it give food the people?

Mohamed Mahir

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