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May 13 makes politicians jittery

By Nistula Hebbar in New Delhi
May 08, 2004 11:42 IST
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Politicians are superstitious, which is why not many are happy that the election results will be declared on May 13.

They can do precious little about this decision of the Election Commission. As a damage control measure, many are flocking to their personal astrologers to determine the best date for the next step of the democratic exercise -- the day when parties approach the President of India to stake claim to form the government.

On this, there seems to be very little unanimity among the country's high-profile astrologers, whose mission it is to deliver hapless humans from such numerological nightmares.

According to Sanjay B Jumaani and his father Bansilal M Jumaani, whoever gets a majority should meet the President on May 15.

"The number 15 adds up to 6, which is the number of Venus. She represents love and understanding," says Jumaani, adding, "whoever goes to stake a claim that day will be able to first of all forge alliances and also get a positive hearing from the President."

The Jumaanis are credited with the transformation of Ektaa Kapoor into one of the most successful television producers in the country. They had advised Ektaa to add an extra letter to her name and the letter 'K' to all the soaps produced by her.

Astrologer Bhupesh Sharma, who likes to keep his high-profile client list a secret, however, feels that political parties should stake their claim on May 13.

"On the 13th there is a very powerful yog of Gaj Kesari, which is the most powerful Raj Yoga in Hindu astrology. According to this, even if an elephantine obstacle comes in the way, you will be able to vanquish it like a tiger. Unfortunately, this period comes to an end at around 6 am on May 14," he says.
However, for Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, May 14 is apparently an auspicious date because "the moon will be in Shani nakshatra."

"Shani is good for Atalji, and this will enhance his Raj Yoga," says Sharma.

Sharma has no advice to offer to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, as he is sure that Vajpayee will return as prime minister.

Tarot reader Ma Prem Usha seems to agree with Sharma's calculations. "According to tarot, 14 is a number of integration, harmony, the coming together of different energies. As one coalition or the other is set to come to power, this is the ideal day for fusing energies," she says.

No matter which party forms the government, according to Ma Prem Usha, the 14th Lok Sabha will see more business being conducted than the last one.

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Nistula Hebbar in New Delhi