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 7th National Football League 2002-2003
Round I
 November 15, 2002
Churchill Brothers vs Salgaocar Goa 2-2
 Match report: Salgaocar hold Churchill 2-2
 December 4, 2002
Vasco vs Indian Bank Goa 2-1
 Match report: Vasco end Indian Bank's unbeaten run
 December 7, 2002
ITI vs JCT Bangalore 0-0
 Match report: ITI, JCT in goalless draw
 December 8, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Kolkata 0-2
 Match report: Unbeaten East Bengal move to the top
 December 8, 2002
Dempo vs Mahindra United Goa 0-0
 Match report: Dempo, Mahindra in goalless draw
 January 3, 2003
HAL vs Tollygunge Agragami Bangalore 1-2
 Match report: Tollygunge score third victory
Round IIThe league standings
 November 16, 2002
Vasco vs Dempo Goa 0-1
 Match report: Silveira gives Dempo victory
 November 17, 2002
Tollygunge Agragami vs East Bengal Kolkata 0-2
Mahindra United vs HAL Mumbai 1-0
 Match reports: E Bengal prevail over Tollygunge, Mahindra scrape past HAL
 November 19, 2002
ITI vs Indian Bank Bangalore 1-2
 Match report: Indian Bank shocks ITI
 November 22, 2002
Churchill Brothers vs Mohun Bagan Goa 2-3
 Match report: Barretto's goal gives Bagan victory
 November 23, 2002
Salgaocar vs JCT Goa 1-0
 Match report: Tomba Singh's goal gives Salgaocar victory
Round IIIThe league standings
 November 19, 2002
Vasco vs Mohun Bagan Goa 1-1
 Match report: Mohun Bagan lucky to hold Vasco
 November 20, 2002
Dempo vs Salgaocar Goa 2-1
 Match report: Dempo shock Salgaocar
 November 21, 2002
Tollygunge Agragami vs Mahindra United Kolkata 3-2
 Match report: Tollygunge Aggragami shock Mahindra United
 November 23, 2002
HAL vs ITI Bangalore 0-0
 Match report: ITI, HAL in dull, goalless draw
 November 27, 2002
East Bengal vs JCT Kolkata 1-0
 Match report: East Bengal maintain winning streak
 November 30, 2002
Indian Bank vs Churchill Brothers Chennai 1-1
 Match report: Indian Bank snatch point from Churchill
Round IVThe league standings
 November 24, 2002
East Bengal vs Mahindra United Kolkata 1-0
 Match report: Alvito D'Cunha scores winner for East Bengal
 November 25, 2002
Indian Bank vs Dempo Chennai 3-1
 Match report: Sabir Pasha's brace floors Dempo
 November 26, 2002
HAL vs Vasco Bangalore 1-2
 Match report: Vasco down HAL for first win
 November 30, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs JCT Kolkata 3-3
 Match report: 0-3 down JCT rally to hold Bagan
 December 2, 2002
Salgaocar vs ITI Goa 2-0
 Match report: Rime restricts Salgaocar
 December 9, 2002
Tollygunge Agragami vs Churchill Brothers Kolkata 1-1
 Match report: Tollygunge waste penalty in 1-1 draw
Round VThe league standings
 November 28, 2002
ITI vs Dempo Bangalore 0-1
 Match report: Mario Soares nets winner for Dempo
 December 3, 2002
Mahindra United vs Mohun Bagan Mumbai 1-1
 Match report: Bagan hold Mahindra with late goal
 December 4, 2002
HAL vs JCT Bangalore 1-0
 Match report: Hindustan Aeronautics score first win
 December 7, 2002
Salgaocar vs Vasco Goa 0-1
 Match report: Rui Wanderley Weis gives Vasco victory
 December 12, 2002
East Bengal vs Churchill Brothers Kolkata 0-0
 Match report: East Bengal drop first point
 December 31, 2002
Indian Bank vs Tollygunge Agragami Chennai 1-0
 Match report:
Round VIThe league standings
 December 11, 2002
JCT vs Indian Bank Ludhiana 2-1
 Match report: JCT score first victory
 December 11, 2002
Vasco vs Mahindra United Goa 2-2
 Match report: Mahindra hold Vasco with late goal
 December 15, 2002
East Bengal vs Salgaocar Kolkata 2-1
 Match report: Injury-time goal gives East Bengal victory
 December 16, 2002
HAL vs Mohun Bagan Bangalore 1-3
 Match report: George Ekeh's hat-trick helps Bagan beat HAL
 December 16, 2002
Churchill Brothers vs ITI Goa 2-0
 Match report: Churchill score first victory
 December 17, 2002
Dempo vs Tollygunge Agragami Goa 4-1
 Match report: Silveira brace floors Tollygunge
Round VIIThe league standings
 December 19, 2002
Indian Bank vs Salgaocar Chennai 2-4
 Match report: Dudu Omagbemi 'tricks' for Salgaocar
 December 19, 2002
Vasco vs East Bengal Goa 1-1
 Match report: Vasco rally to hold East Bengal
 December 20, 2002
Mahindra United vs Churchill Brothers Mumbai 0-1
 Match report: Yakubu's solo goal gives Churchill victory
ITI vs Mohun Bagan Bangalore 0-1
 Match reports: Baretto nets winner for Bagan
Dempo vs HAL Goa 3-0
 Match reports: HAL let down by keeper
 December 21, 2002
JCT vs Tollygunge Agragami Ludhiana 2-0
 Match report: JCT register second victory
Round VIIIThe league standings
 December 23, 2002
Indian Bank vs East Bengal Chennai 3-3
 Match report: East Bengal rally to hold Indian Bank
Mahindra United vs Salgaocar Mumbai 0-1
 Match report: Sunday Seah nets winner for Salgaocar
ITI vs Vasco Bangalore 1-2
 Match report: Vasco score over ITI
 December 24, 2002
Churchill Brothers vs HAL Goa 1-0
 Match report: Yakubu guides Churchill to third win
 December 26, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs Tollygunge Agragami Kolkata 0-1
 Match report: Tollygunge upset Bagan
 December 27, 2002
Dempo vs JCT Goa 1-0
 Match report: Naik's goal puts Dempo on top
Round IXThe league standings
 January 24, 2003
Dempo vs Churchill Brothers Goa 0-0
 Match report: Churchill, Dempo in goalless draw
Mahindra United vs ITI Mumbai 1-1
 Match report: ITI hold Mahindra United
 January 25, 2003
Vasco vs JCT Goa 2-1
 Match report: Marcos Pereira stars in Vasco's win
Mohun Bagan vs Indian Bank Kolkata 4-0
 Match report: Baretto nets two for Bagan
HAL vs East Bengal Bangalore 3-5
 Match report: Alvito D'Cunha stars for E Bengal
 January 26, 2003
Salgaocar vs Tollygunge Agragami Goa 3-0
 Match report: Salgaocar rout Tollygunge
Round X
 January 28, 2003
Mohan Bagan vs Dempo Kolkata 5-1
 Match report: Bagan trounce Dempo
Churchill Brothers vs JCT Goa 0-2
 Match report: JCT shock Churchill
 January 29, 2003
Vasco vs Tollygunge Agragami Goa 1-0
 Match report: Vasco prevail over Tollygunge
Indian Bank vs Mahindra United Chennai 0-2
 Match report: Damasio gives Mahindra victory
ITI vs East Bengal Bangalore 1-3
 Match report: Easy win for East Bengal
 January 30, 2003
Salgaocar vs HAL Goa 2-0
 Match report: Salgaocar move to fourth place
Round XIThe league standings
 February 2, 2003
JCT vs Mahindra United Ludhiana 6-2
 Match report: Ancheri stars for JCT
Vasco vs Churchill Brothers Goa 0-2
 Match report: Yakubu brace floors Vasco
 February 3, 2003
HAL vs Indian Bank Bangalore 1-0
 Match report: HAL end miserable run
Mohun Bagan vs Salgaocar Kolkata 0-2
 Match report: Salgaocar down Bagan
East Bengal vs Dempo Kolkata 3-2
 Match report: East Bengal beat Dempo in thriller
 February 4, 2003
Tollygunge Agragami vs ITI Kolkata 3-2
 Match report: Moses gives Tollygunge victory
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