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 6th National Football League 2001-2002
Round I
 December 12, 2001
Punjab Police vs East Bengal Guru Gobind Singh stadium,
Jalandhar, Punjab
Salgaocar vs F C Kochin Nehru stadium, Fatorda, Goa 1-0
 Match reports: Salgaocar take full points, East Bengal rout Punjab Police
 December 13, 2001
Mohan Bagan vs Tollygung Aggragami Salt Lake stadium, Calcutta 2-0
JCT vs Zee Churchill Guru Nanak stadium, Jalandhar 1-2
ITI vs Mahindra United Bangalore 0-0
Vasco vs HAL Nehru stadium, Margao, Goa 1-1
 Match reports: Bagan win with quick goals, Churchill take full points,
  Mahindra United-ITI draw, HAL hold Vasco
Round II
 December 16, 2001
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Salt Lake stadium, Calcutta 0-1
Punjab Police vs Zee Churchill Jalandhar 0-3
 Day's report: Churchill too good for Punjab cops; Barreto nets match-winner for Bagan
 December 17, 2001
ITI vs Tollygunge Aggragami Bangalore 1-1
Mahindra United vs Vasco Cooperage ground, Bombay 2-0
 Match reports: ITI held by last-minute goal, Mahindra prevail over Vasco
 December 18, 2001
HAL vs Salgaocar Bangalore 2-1
FC Kochin vs JCT Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kochi 1-1
 Match reports: HAL stun Salgaocar, JCT, FC Kochin draw
Round IIIThe league standings
 December 21, 2001
HAL vs Tollygung Aggragami Bangalore 0-0
Mahindra United vs East Bengal Bombay 1-1
Vasco vs Punjab Police Goa 2-1
 Match reports: Vasco score over Punjab cops, E Bengal hold Mahindra United, HAL, Tollygunge in goalless draw
 December 22, 2001
Zee Churchill vs ITI Goa 1-1
 Match reports: ITI rally to hold Zee Churchill
 December 23, 2001
Salgaocar vs JCT Goa 0-0
F C Kochi vs Mohun Bagan Kochin 0-0
 Match reports: JCT, Salgaocar in goalless draw, FC Kochin, Mohun Bagan draw
Round IVThe league standings
 December 24, 2001
Mahindra United vs Tollygunge Aggragami Bombay 2-1
 Match report: Mahindra rally to down Tollygunge
 December 27, 2001
East Bengal vs JCT Calcutta 2-1
Salgaocar vs Punjab Police Goa 2-0
HAL vs Mohun Bagan Bangalore 3-1
FC Kochin vs ITI Kochin 0-2
 Match report: East Bengal rally to down JCT, Salgaocar take full points, HAL shock Mohun Bagan, ITI stun F C Kochin
 December 28, 2001
Vasco vs Zee Churchill Goa 1-1
 Match report: Vasco hold Churchill with late goal
Round VThe league standings
 December 31, 2001
Mahindra United vs Salgaocar Bombay 0-0
ITI vs Mohun Bagan Bangalore 0-0
FC Kochin vs Punjab Police Kochin 2-0
 Match report: Mahindra, Salgaocar draw goalless, ITI hold Bagan, stay unbeaten, FC Kochin notches up first win
 January 2, 2002
East Bengal vs Zee Churchill Calcutta 1-0
JCT vs HAL Jalandhar 0-1
 Match report: East Bengal scrape past Churchill, HAL maintains winning run
 January 3, 2002
Vasco vs Tollygung Aggragami Goa 2-0
 Match report: Vasco trounce Tollygunge
Round VIThe league standings
 January 5, 2002
Punjab Police vs HAL Jalandhar 1-0
East Bengal vs ITI Calcutta 1-2
JCT vs Mahindra United Jalandhar 1-2
 Match report: Punjab Police notches up first win, ITI stun holders East Bengal, Mahindra maintains all-win record
 January 6, 2002
F C Kochin vs Zee Churchill Kochin 1-1
Salgaocar vs Tollygunge Aggragami Goa 1-1
 Match report: FC Kochin hold Churchill with late goal, Tollygunge hold Salgaocar
 January 7, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs Vasco Calcutta 1-1
 Match report: Mohun Bagan held by Vasco
Round VIIThe league standings
 January 9, 2002
Salgaocar vs ITI Goa 3-0
 Match report: Salgaocar halt ITI's winning run
 January 10, 2002
HAL vs FC Kochin Bangalore 0-1
 Match report: FC Kochin grounds HASC
 January 11, 2002
East Bengal vs Vasco Calcutta 0-1
Zee Churchill vs Mahindra United Goa 2-1
 Match report: Vasco upset East Bengal, Churchill ends Mahindra's winning run
 January 12, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs JCT Calcutta 2-0
 Match report: Bagan too good for JCT
 January 13, 2002
Tollygunge Aggragami vs Punjab Police Calcutta 2-1
 Match report: Tollygunge score over Punjab Police
Round VIIIThe league standings
 January 16, 2002
Mohan Bagan vs Punjab Police Calcutta 1-0
 Match report: Mohun Bagan scrape past Punjab Police
 January 17, 2002
Vasco vs Salgaocar Goa 1-0
 Match report: Vasco beat Salgaocar to move to second place
 January 19, 2002
FC Kochin vs Mahindra United Cochin 0-2
ITI vs JCT Bangalore 1-0
 Match report: Mahindra too good for F C Kochin, ITI score over JCT
 January 20, 2002
Tollygunge Aggragami vs Zee Churchill Calcutta 0-4
HAL vs East Bengal Bangalore 1-0
 Match report: Yakubu 'tricks' in Churchill's big win, HAL shock East Bengal
Round IXThe league standings
 January 23, 2002
Vasco vs JCT Goa 1-2
HAL vs Mahindra United Bangalore 1-1
 Match report: Hardip Gill fashions first win for JCT, HAL hold Mahindra
 January 24, 2002
ITI vs Punjab Police Bangalore 3-0
Mohun Bagan vs Zee Churchill Calcutta 2-1
Salgaocar vs East Bengal Goa 4-0
 Match report: Johan Ugwa 'tricks' in ITI's big win, Salgaocar rout E Bengal, Barreto takes Bagan past Churchill
 January 25, 2002
Tollygunge Aggragami vs FC Kochin Calcutta 1-0
 Match report: Tollygunge scrape past F C Kochin
Round XThe league standings
 January 27, 2002
ITI vs Vasco Bangalore 3-1
 Match report: ITI defeat Vasco to move to take top position
 January 28, 2002
Zee Churchill vs HAL Goa 6-0
Mahindra United vs Punjab Police Bombay 2-0
East Bengal vs FC Cochin Calcutta 2-2
 Match report: E Bengal held by F C Kochin, Mahindra United move to the top, Churchill ground high-flying HAL
 January 29, 2002
Tollygunge Aggragami vs JCT Calcutta 2-1
 Match report: Last-minute goal gives Tollygunge victory
 January 30, 2002
Mohun Bagan vs Salgoacar Calcutta 0-0
 Match report: Mohun Bagan, Salgaocar in goalless draw
Round XIThe league standings
 February 20, 2002
Vasco vs FC Kochin Goa 2-0
East Bengal vs Tollygunge Calcutta 2-1
JCT vs Punjab Police Jalandhar 0-0
HAL vs ITI Bangalore 1-0
 Match report: East Bengal prevail over Tollygunge, Marcos Pereira nets brace for Vasco, JCT, Punjab Police in goalless draw, HAL surprise ITI
 February 21, 2002
Mahindra United vs Mohun Bagan Bombay 2-0
Salgaocar vs Zee Churchill Goa 1-1
 Match report: Mahindra increase lead at the top, Churchill, Salgaocar draw

National Football League 2001-02 fixtures
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