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Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai?
'India is ready to work for a fair and reasonable solution to border dispute with China,' President Sharma tells President Jiang Zemin.
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India expresses concern over China's nuclear sales to Pakistan
The Chinese claim it is only for peaceful purposes.
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No Aggression!
China and India signed a historic treaty on Friday.
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China will not supply nuclear weapons to any South Asian country
Beijing denies arms sales to Pakistan.
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Dalai Lama will not meet with Jiang Zemin
The Tibetan leadership hopes Sino-Indian rapprochement will not be at the expense of the Tibetan people.
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China, India and Southeast Asia after the Cold War
On the eve of President Jiang Zemin's historic visit, T Karki Hussain discusses how China's relationship with India and Southeast Asia has changed after the Cold War.
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China, India may conclude confidence building military treaty
China's nuclear assistance to Pakistan will not feature during the discussions with Jiang Zemin.
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The Great Leap Forward
Former foreign secretary J N Dixit assesses Sino-Indian relations against the backdrop of Chinese President Jiang Zemin's visit to India this week....
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