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September 15

Forces outside India trying to destroy country, PM tells Congress
Vajpayee said these forces believe they can use terror to unravel the territorial integrity of India and show that a multi-religious society cannot exist. 'They pursue a task in which they are doomed to fail,' he said.

'No region is a greater source of terrorism than our neighbourhood'
What the prime minister told Congress.

'Peace, Peace, Peace be unto all'
Hindu priest Venkatachalapathi Samuldrala makes history in Congress.

US wants Pak to show restraint, curb militants: PTI
Senior US officials want General Musharraf to show restraint, renounce violence and use his influence over the militants.

US Congress wants anti-India sanctions lifted: PTI
Senior administration officials, however, were adamant on continuing to link the lifting of sanctions, including development loans, to India's signing of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Clintons, Gores take time off from campaign to host PM
'The US believes India is a strong country and will emerge even stronger in the coming years,' a state department official declared.

Vajpayee arrives in Washington
It is after a long gap that an Indian prime minister has chosen to stay at Blair House, where all guests of the US president are put up.

Accept India as a nuclear state, US expert tells Clinton
Selig Harrison also wants the US to relax the ban on the sale of civilian nuclear reactions badly needed by India for its growing energy needs.

The PM in the US
In pictures.

September 14

Strategic Management Group in PMO to overcome investment hurdles
'An inter-ministerial team will assist the cell which will report to me directly once a month,' Vajpayee told businessmen in New York on Wednesday.

The PM in NYC
In pictures.

September 13

Knee specialist to examine PM
Dr Chitranjan S Ranawat is considered one of the world's foremost experts in knee joint replacement.

PM's Washington visit will boost eco ties
'Most of the problems that bedevilled us have nearly been sorted out,' N K Singh, a PMO official, said.

September 12

Indian power and the threat to the world
'Kargil and the Kandahar hijack were merely US warnings to India to curtail its nuclear programme, no more,' argues Dr Gautam Sen.

US may declare LeT a terrorist organisation
Asked how soon the action could be taken, Indian Ambassador to the US Naresh Chandra said: 'It is difficult to predict how soon... but it can be anytime.'

Musharraf admits US tilt towards India
But Pakistan's military ruler said his country could not be ignored.

Don't blow PM's speech out of context: BJP
His oblique references to the Ram temple in Ayodhya and Article 370 of the Constitution are 'well-known positions' for which a controversy is 'superfluous', BJP leaders told

When the PM failed to turn up...
'What was primarily a VHP function turned into an umbrella event when the prime minister flatly refused to grace it,' reports Savera Someshwar from New York.

September 10

You have raised India's stature, PM tells NRIs
'Today, recognising the ability of Indians, western countries are bending over each other to welcome Indians to their countries.'

George W Bush calls up Vajpayee
'There are about 174 leaders here for the Millennium Summit, but -- to our knowledge -- Prime Minister Vajpayee is the only leader with whom the Republican presidential candidate has sought a conversation,' External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh told the media.

India must remain strong and vigilant: PM
'Even then, our hope and our effort will always be towards peace in the subcontinent,' he told the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vande Mataram show.

Vajpayee to attend Hindutva fete today
Staten Island will reverberate to the sound of discourses, bhajans and patriotic songs, as 100 sadhus and an expected audience of over 10,000 Indians congregate in a strong show of Hindutva.

Vajpayee at the UNGA
The prime minister's address. In Real Video.

September 09

'Those who have stifled democracy at home speak of freedom from this forum'
Prime Minister Vajpayee's address to the Millennium Summit: The full text.

PM's speech: Real Audio
The version he delivered at the Millennium Summit.

India ready to play role in expanded Security Council: PM
It is necessary, he said, that the Council be made more representative of the new realities.

Health problems not evident as PM delivers flawless speech
Vajpayee -- who began his speech at 1220 hours, 40 minutes before schedule -- spoke without hesitation.

Dialogue and terrorism do not go together, PM tells Pak
Vajpayee gave Pakistan a blunt message that there can be no talks with it as dialogue and terrorism do not go together and asserted that New Delhi has the means and the will to protect its national interest.

Vajpayee stresses commitment to fight terrorism: PTI
The prime minister signed an international convention that makes it obligatory on its signatories to identify, detect, freeze and seize funds collected for committing such acts.

India will not block CTBT: PM
India has asked nuclear powers which have not ratified the treaty to do so without any condition.

Gen Musharraf at the UN
In Real Video.

Dancing cow follows Vajpayee around US
Jason Baker, PETA's India representative, said the cow would dog Vajpayee and his delegation from the UN to the White House 'until Vajpayee really does something for cows'.

At the end of the protest, they sang Jana Gana Mana
Four groups were protesting against India - those supporting an independent or merged-with-Pakistan Kashmir, pro-Khalistani, those flaying the attacks on Christians, and those protesting against the attacks on Dalits and India's human rights record.

War is in nobody's interest: Vajpayee
The PM began his US engagements with a speech where he flayed Pakistan, assured continued economic reforms, promised to work on signing the CTBT, and spoke about the deepening Indo-US friendship.

'The ball is in Mr Vajpayee's court'
'I am willing to meet Mr Vajpayee at any level, at any place, at any time.' General Musharraf tells the media in New York.

Kashmiris plan protests against PM in NY, Washington
They are expected to be joined by some pro-Khalistan groups and Indian Christians who are keen to protest against the attacks on Christians in recent months.

PM and entourage take over Waldorf Astoria
One suite has been converted into an office for the prime minister's aides, while officials have turned one room into a control room.

'Somehow the Flying Sikh has endured in people's memory'
Milkha Singh on the race of his life.

September 07

PM arrives in New York
'I am feeling fine,' Vajpayee responded, laughing away questions from accompanying reporters as the special Air-India aircraft touched down at the JFK international airport.

Kashmir not an international issue: Jaswant
'About 63 nations have addressed the UN. Of these, only two - including Pakistan - have mentioned Kashmir,' the minister said.

The key to better Indo-US relations lies in Lucknow and Patna
'Ideally, the Indian PM should stay home, nurse his knees and sort out Bihar, UP and Veerappan. This done, Indo-US relations will improve on their own,' says Colonel (retd) Dr Anil Athale.

Hurriyat leader arrives in NY to ensure Pak presence in J&K talks
Mirwaiz Maulvi Omar Farooq is drumming up international support for resumption of the India-Pakistan dialogue to disentangle the Kashmir knot.

Pakistan ready for no-war pact with India
Pakistan's chief executive called on the UN to resolve the Kashmir dispute and allow the people of Kashmir the right of self-determination.

India refuses to confirm production of Prithvi
'We are facing serious problems from Pakistan. We are fully ready with our defence preparedness on all fronts but I cannot indicate a time-frame for the production of Prithvi or the number involved,' a defence ministry spokesman said.

Vajpayee's departure
In Real Video.

When the world met
'One prominent leader missing in this galaxy of head honchos was Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee, who delayed his arrival in New York by two days. It may just prove to be a case of two days too late,' writes Amberish K Diwanji.

Dear Prime Minister Vajpayee
'If you and your government do not take strong and effective measures to eradicate terrorism, the economic well-being and even the very survival of India is at stake.'