October 18

War, for no particular reason
'The very battles we now wage in the name of freedom, and in protest against oppression, will bring forth other catastrophes and take other innocent lives,' says Ashwin Mahesh

US embassy bombing case: Four persons get life term
Tanzanian Khalfan Kamis Mohammed and Saudi national Mohammed Rashid al-Owhali were part of the team that carried out an attack on the US embassy in the Tanzanian capital Dar-e-Salaam in September 1998.

Slain US soldiers will be dragged through streets: Al Qaeda
An Al Qaeda statement circulated by an Egpyt based associate group also admitted the death of two Al Qaeda members in the US-led attacks.

US to help Opposition with air support, ammunition: Rumsfeld
This is the first time that the US has openly spoken of providing assistance to the forces fighting against the oppressive Taleban regime in Afghanistan.

Bush orders $50 million aid to Pak
This, coupled with an assistance package announced in September, raises the total bilateral aid to Pakistan to $100 million.

G-20 meeting to be held in Ottawa
With India having declined to host the meeting because of security concerns, Canadian Finance Minsiter Paul Martin -- the chair of G-20 group -- decided to host the conference in Ottawa.

Drug addicts in Pakistan want Taleban to stay
At least 1.5 million Pakistanis would go to any extent to support the Taleban, as the militia supplies them with cheap heroin.

Saudi warns citizens against supporting Osama
Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz said that persons involved in terrorist activities were `ill and cannot be accepted in Saudi society'

No handing over Osama: Taleban
Taleban deputy envoy in Islamabad Sohail Shaheen dismissed reports of Osama being handed over to a third country as a propaganda campaign unleashed by the Western media.

Pak intelligence, bin Laden supporting LeT: Report
The report also says that local support for militancy is dying out in Jammu and Kashmir with the people desiring a peaceful resolution of the issue.

US jets launch fresh attacks on Kabul
The air-strikes began at 0330 IST and US jets carried a series of sorties. Taleban forces responded by firing anti-aircraft guns.

White House looks forward to Vajpayee visit
White House spokesman Ali Fleischer said President Bush looks forward to discussing with Vajpayee ways to strengthen the anti-terrorism campaign.

Northern Alliance feels betrayed by Powell
The anti-Taleban opposition suspects that the US refusal to provide air cover is linked to its unwillingness to let the Alliance march into Kabul before a broad-based government is established.

October 17

33 cases of anthrax exposure in US Senate
Twenty-seven of the staffers who have tested positive were posted in the office of Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, who had received a contaminated letter a few days ago.

Vajpayee to visit US in November
US Secretary of State Colin Powell said President Bush had extended an invitation to the prime minister.

Food crisis in Afghanistan reaches epic proportions
The UN's ability to deliver food has been severely constrained by the Taleban's restrictions.

Campaign includes terrorism against India: Powell
The US secretary of state declared that India and the US were united in their fight against terrorism.

India, US sign mutual legal assistance treaty
Officials said the treaty would put in place a regularised channel for obtaining assistance from each other.

'Pakistan has suffered most due to Afghanistan's chaos'
'It was the only country, which had opposed Pakistan's entry into the UN. Afghan refugess brought with them the culture of guns and drugs, and smuggling via Afghanistan has taken a heavy toll on the country's economy,' says M Ziauddin.

About Turn!
If Zia is to be remembered for altering the military's moderate character, Musharraf should be remembered for restoring its original liberal character.

Taleban claims bus hit, 15 to 20 killed
Meanwhile, fresh strikes targeted the mountains in the north of Kabul, where many Taleban fighters are suspected to have taken refuge.

US troops land near Kandahar: Iranian radio
The radio said, 'Sources report that US helicopters from the Pakistani-Afghan border have entered Afghan territory and deployed troops around Kandahar.'

US targeting Taleban frontline: Northern Alliance
An Alliance commander said US bombs targeted Taleban forces positioned at Shohi in Nijrab district of Kapisa province as well as positions close to the Bagram airbase.

Taleban offers to hand over Laden: Guardian
The report said the militia had proposed to hand over Laden for trial in a country other than the US without asking to first see evidence of his involvement in the September 11 attacks.

India yet to ban Jaish, Lashkar, Hizb
When J&K Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah met Home Minister Advani on Wednesday, he once again asked the Centre to ban the three militant outfits.

October 16

Northern Alliance close to capturing Mazar-e-Sharif
Northern Alliance Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah, speaking to Star News, said his forces launched an overnight blitzkrieg on the strategically important town.

US jets bomb Red Cross compound in Kabul
Mario Musa, Red Cross spokesman in Islamabad, said a warehouse was hit by a bomb, and one person was injured.

Air strikes on Afghanistan renewed
Reports said the US, for the first time in ten-day old strikes, deployed the deadly low flying AC 130 gunship, raking Taleban strongholds with heavy machine gun and cannon fire.

7-month-old in US infected with anthrax
The baby contracted an anthrax infection when he was taken to the office of his father at ABC television in New York. He was treated with antibiotics and is expected to survive.

Terrorism to be ruthlessly stamped out: Fernandes
The new defence minister said he would start a 'no hold barred' campaign against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Canadian MP criticises violence against South Asians
'In Toronto, 57 percent of the people are those who arrived in the last 50 years and they are distinctive national minorities who celebrate each other,' Liberal Member of Parliament Jim Karygiannis said.

Powell, Singh discuss Afghan situation
A government spokesman said Singh and Powell discussed 3 things -- the situation in Afghanistan, prospects for further improving bilateral relations and measures to strengthen the fight against terrorism.

No place for terrorism in Kashmir: Powell
US Secretary of State Colin Powell on Tuesday said the Kashmir issue must be resolved through a dialogue between India and Pakistan.

Indian woman wins third term as Dunedin mayor
Ludhiana-born Sukhi Turner, wife of the legendary former Test cricketer Glenn, is known throughout New Zealand for her emphatic and radical views.

Durban's plan to curb fireworks opposed
The National Hindu Dharma Sabha has called the city council's attempt a flagrant violation of religious rights.

Ghosh wins $ 50,000 Grand prize at Frankfurt eBook Awards
Ghosh won the award, instituted for the first time to recognise achievements in the emerging eBook industry, in the category of fiction.

October 15

US lawmaker receives anthrax mail
President George Bush said that the letter was examined and the staffers who were exposed were being treated

CIA let Mullah Omar slip through the noose
In what could be a significant goof-up, the American intelligence agency had the Taleban leader squarely in its sights -- and allowed him to escape.

Afghans remember the good times
Many Afghan refugees at the same time vividly remember how their countrymen fought America's proxy war against the Russians, and were forgotten by America.

Benazir admits there is terrorism in Kashmir
The former Pakistan prime minister said terrorism had damaged Kashmir's cause, adding that her government had resisted the militarisation of the movement at every level.

Destroy US jets, says Pakistani leader
Jamiat Ulema Islam chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman accused President Pervez Musharraf of joining the enemy camp.

Take out Mullah Omar first: Musharraf
The Pakistan president tells CBS Radio: Take out the Taleban supremo and Osama bin Laden will be finished.

Anthrax scare spreads to Australia
Anthrax scare hit US and British consulates and six other buildings in Australia on Monday. The US consulate building in Melbourne was evacuated after a chemical found in a letter caused a security alarm.

US fighter jets launch new attack on Kabul
The jets roared over Kabul at about O730 IST followed by a series of explosions. Most of the explosions, residents said, occurred on the city's outskirts.

Vajpayee brings George back
BJP politician Harin Pathak, who had put in his papers following allegations of his involvement in the murder of a police constable in Gujarat, is also back as minister of state.

Vajpayee gives Fernandes a clean chit
At a meeting of top Cabinet colleagues, the prime minister said the Samata politician's re-induction could not be held hostage to bureaucratic red tape, alluding to the Venkataswami Commission's request for a second extension.

'Pakistan has been bullied by the US adequately'
'Pakistan feared that if the US hit the Harkat and Lashkar camps with cruise missiles, Lahore and Islamabad would be taken care of. That's the reason they turned around and agreed to fight Osama,' says former army chief and J&K governor, General (retd) K V Krishna Rao.

Family feud
Indian Deputy High Commissioner for Britain Hardeep Puri fights it out with Home Minister L K Advani's estranged daughter-in-law in a London court.

Schumacher makes history again!
The German's career GP points total now stand at 801, topping the previous record of 798.5 held by Alain Prost.

The rise and rise of Adam Gilchrist
Daniel Laidlaw reflects on the short but already distinguished career of the Australian vice-captain.

Sodhi, Harvinder for Kenya match
India skipper Sourav Ganguly indicated that Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh would be made to sit out Wednesday's game.

Rajinder blames forwards for defeat
'We missed the chances; they took theirs' was the coach's summation of India's defeat against Australia in the junior hockey World Cup.

Jr Hockey World Cup: Complete Coverage

While Akshay is away, Aftab and Preeti play
On the sets of 'Awaara Pagal Deewana'

Forever an icon. Forever a star
Subhash Jha on Amitabh Bachchan

Anthrax steals the show from Bandits
The film's openings aren't encouraging.

Jolly Good!
American Desi has the Brits rolling in the aisles.

Meena wins award for best actress
American Desi has the Brits rolling in the aisles.

Go shopping!
Eight sites to help you splurge online

America's newest fear: truck bombs
The FBI investigates a truck-driving school, which enrolled 35 Arab male students who paid in cash.

Pope's health raises fear of vacuum
Age and Parkinson's disease, Vatican watchers fear, may leave the 81-year-old pontiff incapacitated.

Dilemma for lawyers on the Web
Is it unethical for lawyers to put up their own Web site?

October 14

Kashmir 'most explosive place': US
Notably, while speaking to America's ABC TV, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage appeared to distance himself a little from US President George W Bush's commitment to go after terrorists in other countries after dealing with those in Afghanistan.

Bush rejects Taleban offer to negotiate
Taleban officials had said the militia was ready to discuss the issue of handing over Osama to a third country if the US stopped bombing Afghanistan.

Cracks appear in Taleban leadership: report
A group of Taleban ministers led by Foreign Minister Vakil Muttavakil were said to be in favour of signing a peace agreement with the US in return for Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden.

Al Qaeda threat proof of involvement in J&K terror: India
The terrorist outfit headed by Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden has tried to portray the Kashmir issue as a fight between Hindus and Muslims.

October 13

Al Qaeda says US, Britain must leave Arab lands
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a spokesman for Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida network, advised Muslims in the United States and Britain to avoid air travel.

Taleban rejects another offer to surrender Laden
Americans and their British allies are `making our children orphans', the militia's supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar said in a statement on Saturday.

Taleban envoy in Pak rushes to Kandahar
Before leaving, Zaeef told reporters that he was `returning to Afghanistan for consultations'.

US Strikes Back: Day six developments

Pak may freeze bank accounts of Jaish, other outfits
The United States and Britain in a concerted action on Friday night had frozen the assets of the Pakistan-based Maulana Azhar Mahmood led Jaish-e-Mohammed.

US admits hitting civilian target in Kabul
The Taleban has been claiming the death of more than 300 civilians since the attacks began on October 7.

13 killed in resumed US strikes, says Taleban
A spokesman of the Taleban's embassy in Islamabad said more troops had been deployed on the border with Pakistan following reports that allied forces would try to invade Afghanistan on Sunday.

Reconsider ban on outfits: Pak tells US
`We are against terrorism in any form but don't want upright organisations to be victims for doing nothing,' a government said.

Klebanov comes calling ahead of Powell
The Russian deputy prime minister is expected to discuss way to step up cooperation in trade, economy, culture and science.

Lashkar chief calls for jihad against US
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said the Taleban had upheld Islam's honour by giving shelter to Saudi Arabian fugitive Osama bin Laden.

Probe into discovery of knives on Canadian flight
Following the attacks on the US, the flight, which was to have headed for New York on September 11, was grounded.

Jaywant Lele quits as BCA secretary
Baroda Cricket Association secretary and former BCCI secretary Jaywant Lele resigned on Saturday ahead of a no-confidence motion against him scheduled for voting on Sunday.

Davis Cup: Paes-Bhupathi win doubles tie
Indian pair of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won its doubles tie against the United States beating Gared Palmer and David Johnson 6-4, 1-6, 6-3, 7-6 (8-6) in the Davis Cup World Group Qualifying round in North Carolina on Saturday.

Roddick, Blake prove a class above
Harsh Mankad and Leander Paes were simply outplayed by the Americans in the opening singles in the Davis Cup World Group qualifying round.

India meet Argentina on Sunday
Argentina, Holland, India, Australia will play in Pool F to decide two semi-final berths in the men's junior World Cup hockey.

Anthrax 'may be linked to Osama'
There might be a connection between the Anthrax cases and the dreaded terrorist.