November 21

Top Osama aide held in Peshawar
Fazle Raziq's arrest follows close on the heels of the death of Osama's deputy Mohammad Atef in US air strikes.

'Osama tells aides to kill him if trapped'
'Laden has informed a number of people close to him that he is living his last weeks or days,' Al-Watan newspaper said.

US navy searching merchant ships for Osama bin Laden

US asks Pakistan to close Taleban embassy in Islamabad

Northern Alliance troops set to enter Kunduz: PTI

US commander meets NA leaders
Gen Tommy Franks met the leaders at Bagram air base, about 40km outside Kabul, for a first-hand assessment of the ground situation and to discuss future strategy.

Rabbani calls for end to warfare
The president of the Northern Alliance-led government also called upon the international community to help rebuild his battered country.

Taleban offers $50 mn for Bush's capture
The militia also reiterated that Osama bin Laden did not have the means to carry out the attacks on the US cities.

Kunduz commanders approach UN for surrender
Secretary General Kofi Annan is in touch with the International Committee of the Red Cross in this connection.

November 20

America intensifies search for Laden
The US fifth fleet started searching all ships leaving Pakistani territorial waters.

Row over Cherie Blair's remarks on burkha

Indian's anthrax detector to the rescue in the US

Musharraf calls for humanitarian response to surrender offer

US recruiting Russian veterans for war: Report

Capturing Laden still difficult: Bush
'They are trying to hide and we are in pursuit. We will stay the course until we bring them to justice,' the US president said.

UN tries to convene meet on Afghanistan
The world body was making hectic efforts to convene a meeting of various Afghan groups on Saturday in Berlin.

Pak won't grant refugee status to Afghans
'We are already more than full. We have been accommodating at least 2-3 million refugees for decades,' a senior interior ministry official said.

US envoy to Pak observes Ramzan fast
Wendy Chamberlin said she was so impressed with the spirit of Ramzan that she decided to give up eating and drinking during the day for the entire month.

November 19

Everything you wanted to know about POTO
Krishna Prasad's Q&A on the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance, 2001.

US varsities oppose freeze on student visas
Officials argued that having an international campus was beneficial both for any American university as well as for the countries sending the students.

Taleban willing to surrender Kunduz
'We have authorised the governor of the province to take necessary steps in this respect,' a militia commander was quoted as saying.

Pakistan flip-flop on Taleban continues
Apparently not very happy with the emergence of the Northern Alliance in Kabul, Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar made it clear that his government was not in a hurry to recognise any new administration in Afghanistan.

Osama may take shelter in PoK: Reports
'Prime Minister Vajpayee has taken note of these reports. We have not ruled out the possibility of Pakistan offering shelter to Laden in POK,' a senior BJP member said.

Ex-Afghan king can play symbolic role: US
'It seems to me that his role would continue to be symbolic, as opposed to being the executive of the new government,' Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

Pak sending aid to Taleban: Fernandes
'We have information that Pakistan sent military hardware to Afghanistan, and that it sent its soldiers to fight alongside the Taleban,' the defence minister said.

Full Coverage of America's War
Full Coverage of the September 11 Attacks

'Pakistan can be a greater source of instability in the post-Taleban period'
'The reconstruction of Afghanistan cannot be achieved by too much reliance on Pakistan.' Professor Amin Saikal, director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University, speaks to Ramesh Menon.

Infosys forecasts 01-02 revenue at $535-$545 mn
'It (the revenue forecast) is about a 30 per cent (annual) growth in dollar terms,' Infosys managing director Nandan Nilekani said

Rich nations bicker over how to help the poor
Talks on how to improve the lives of billions of the world's poorest people degenerated into bickering, with differences emerging between US and Britain.

Reliance sells 10 per cent L&T stake to Grasim
Reliance sold around 25 million shares of Larsen and Toubro to Grasim for Rs 7.66 billion.

IIM-Lucknow rated India's top B-school
"From the sixth position in 1999 to the top now, it has been a big stride," said Pritam Singh, the proud director of the institute.

Cricket in the maidans
'There is a difference between how the English and the Indians play their recreational cricket', says Jonathan Dyson.

Sachin, Sehwag, Ganguly penalised
The match-referee has found Sachin Tendulkar guilty of ball tampering and handed down a suspended one-match sentence and fined him 75 per cent of his match-fee.

Rain comes out to bat for India
India, needing 395 to win the second Test against South Africa, were 28 for 1 at close on day 4.

Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman
The story of the fight in pictures.

Colourful opening to National Games
The two-hour inaugural show had a variety of cultural dances and songs, including 'bhangra' and 'giddha, depicting the five rivers of Punjab.

Thrice as Nice
Hrithik, Saif and Esha make merry on the sets of Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.

'I chose a film that disturbed me'
Director Janaki speaks on Kutty.

Great journeys
Eight sites.

Guide to the festival of Ramzan
Every you wanted to know about the festival.

November 17

Burhanuddin Rabbani arrives in Kabul
Rabbani arrived in the city in a jeep in a convoy of 15 vehicles accompanied by heavily armed guards. Representatives of other factions which make up the Northern Alliance were with him.

Laden has left Afghanistan: Taleban
The Pentagon, however, said it had no information on whether the Saudi-born extremist has left Afghanistan.

Taleban confirms Atef's death
The US accused Mohammed Atef of directly planning the embassy bombings in Africa in 1998 that killed 224 people.

US envoy avoids meeting Northern Alliance
US special envoy James Dobbins, while holding talks with exiled ethnic leaders in Peshawar on a post-Taleban set-up in Afghanistan, avoided going to Kabul to meet Northern Alliance leaders.

War is far from over, feel Pushtoons
The Taleban may have been vanquished in Kabul and other cities, but they remain confident that the militia will eventually win.

Taleban deny surrender of Kandahar
But eyewitnesses said some Taleban forces were seen leaving the city and heading for Herat.

US keen on 'robust' military ties with India: Blackwill
'I see a robust military-to-military exchange between India and the US based on its own merits', US Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill said in an interview with The Indian Express newspaper.

Northern Alliance shows no mercy to foreign soldiers
A Taleban envoy in Pakistan is trying to negotiate a ceasefire, but senior opposition force leaders are divided on what terms would be acceptable.

G-20 ministers meet to discuss world economy
Financial meetings of the ministers of G-20 nations discussing a sluggish world economy gets off in the Canadian capital Ottawa.

Buried WTC gold returns to futures trade
A fortune in gold trapped for seven weeks in the ruins of the World Trade Center returns to the global bullion trade.

Musharraf must be stopped: Bhutto

Vajpayee to convene all-party meet on POTO

G-21 for early meeting of all Afghan factions

Pakistan won't grant asylum to Mullah Omar, Osama

Taleban fall opens eyes of Kashmiris

Indian Airlines office ransacked in Dhaka

US targets house of key Taleban commander

War in Afghanistan coming to an early end: Vajpayee

November 16

Omar orders withdrawal from Kandahar
The supreme leader of Taleban gave the order after consulting his close aides, reports said.

US claims to have killed close Laden aide
Muhammad Atef, head of Al Qaeda's military wing, is believed to have been killed in an air strike near Kabul.

US, British troops land at Bagram airport
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told BBC radio that the troops had a mainly humanitarian role.

Fleeing Taleban may land in Kashmir

Taleban ministry building, mosque bombed

Taleban chief Mullah Omar in Kunduz: Report

Form Afghan govt through consensus, says India

Taleban considered us sisters: US volunteers
Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry were among the eight aid workers rescued from Afghanistan, after they were arrested on charges of preaching Christianity.

Zahir Shah has role in Afghanistan: UN
Francesc Vendrell, UN special representative, said Pakistan, Iran, Russia and India could not join the military force as they had interests in Afghanistan.

Bush, Putin agree on Afghanistan plan
US President George W Bush and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Thursday agreed on speeding up efforts to form a new administration in Afghanistan.

November 15

Mullah Omar has a plan to destroy US
In an interview to the BBC, the Taleban's supreme leader said it was a huge task beyond the will of human beings and prayed for God's help.

Al Qaeda's nuke plans unearthed: Report
The Times said that it had discovered some notes, containing designs for missiles and nuclear weapons, in an abandoned safe house in Kabul.

'NA raped, killed hundreds in Kabul'
'They were killing people, especially Arabs and Pakistanis,' an eyewitness cllaimed.

Benazir Bhutto welcomes fall of Kabul to NA

Pakistan beefs up security around mosques

'Don't assume Taleban has collapsed'
We believe that we have a hard job in front of us. And it may still take some time,' Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Stufflebeem, said.

Foreign aid workers held by Taleban freed
There is, however, confusion whether they were released by the Taleban or they were rescued by US commando forces.

US, Pakistan discuss future Afghan set-up
Pakistan has so far opposed a dominant role for the anti-Taleban Northern Alliance.

NA favours democratic set up: Envoy
Addressing the General Assembly, Ravan Farhadi said the Alliance supported the formation of a broad-based government.