November 14

Northern Alliance captures Kandahar: Envoy
Northern Alliance's ambassador to Tajikistan Ibragim Khikmat claimed his troops overran Kandahar after the people there revolted against the Taleban militia.

Taleban launches attack against Mazar
But the Taleban militia withdrew from the Logar and Uruzgan provinces in the face of a Northern Alliance advance.

NA vows to put Osama, Mullah Omar on trial
They (Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden) carried out massacres in Kabul and other regions of the country', Northern Alliance Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said.

Taleban withdraw from Jalalabad
A report quoted a Taleban spokesman as saying that the city has been placed under the control of a local mujahideen commander Maulvi Younis Khalis.

Vandals desecrate idols in S African Hindu temple

South African president greets Indians on Diwali

Rabbani to declare himself head of Afghanistan

There is no moderate Taleban, says India

Northern Alliance prepares for second phase of war

Pakistan backs former King Zahir Shah

November 13

Opposition claims 5 more provinces
The Taleban was reported to have lost Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman in the east along with Ghazni in the south and Farah in west.

Rebels take Kabul, Taleban confirms fall
Mukhitdin Mekhti, a senior representative of the Northern Alliance's government, was quoted as saying that Mullah Omar had fled to Pakistan.

Taleban officials quit embassy in Pakistan
Confirming the embassy's closure in Islamabad, government sources said the consulates in Peshawar and Quetta were also being shut.

Pak opposes Kabul's seizure by one group
Islamabad wants a broad-based, multi-ethnic government, including 'moderate Taleban', to take over Afghanistan.

Musharraf calls for UN peacekeepers
The Pakistan president said the Northern Alliance should not be allowed to establish a government in Kabul.

Stop bombing Afghanistan: Arundhati
The Booker Prizewinner said, 'I am against war. I do not believe war can eradicate terrorism.'

US strikes drive Indian turban-makers out of work
The turban-makers in a district of West Bengal, who have supplied headgear to Afghans for years, have found themselves out of work ever since the bombings began on October 7.

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Full Coverage of the September 11 Attacks

Investigators pin blame on mechanical failure
Emergency workers have recovered 262 bodies and five more people are missing on the ground, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said.

White House non-committal on cause
The White House said it had no definite opinion yet whether Monday's American Airlines crash was due to sabotage.

Manhattan relives the horror of Sept 11
The shared feeling was that the crash, only two months after the attacks that obliterated the World Trade Centre towers, was no coincidence.

November 12

Plane crash in New York, 255 dead
American Airlines 587, an Airbus A-300, had originated from Boston and was leaving the JFK airport for the Dominican Republic.

Northern Alliance captures Herat
Reports said the opposition Northern Alliance was able to capture Herat after the people of the province rose in revolt against the Taleban.

Opposition advances in Afghanistan's northeast
Reports on Monday morning said opposition forces have taken all Taleban-held positions along the Sharatai frontline.

Exiled residents of Mazar overjoyed
'My city is free again. I was happy for the people of Mazar-e-Sharif,' says Akhlaaq Ahmadi, who has been living in India for the last four years.

Full Coverage of America's War
Full Coverage of the September 11 Attacks

November 11

US shoots down Pakistan demand for F-16s
United States Secretary of State Colin Powell justified the US decision saying Pakistan has already been compensated for not getting the F-16s.

Pakistan moves nuclear arsenal to secret location: Report
A The Washington Post report said Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf also revamped his nuclear chain of command immediately after he agreed to help the US, but did not disclose it.

Vajpayee reacts, hits back at Musharraf
'There is only one issue on his mind... How to wrest Kashmir. But he will not get Kashmir. Kashmir is at the core of our nationhood', he said after Musharraf raked up the Kashmir issue in his speech in the UN General Assembly.

US to give Apache attack helicopters to Pakistan
The six AH-64D Long Bow Apaches will be part of the $73 million American assistance to Pakistan announced last week to strengthen its western borders with Afghanistan.

US war on Afghanistan is terrorist act: Chomsky
'Like a mafia leader, the US chose Afghanistan and struck at that country because it could not strike back', renowned linguist Noam Chomsky said.

Osama admits role in September 11 attacks: Report
'The twin towers were legitimate targets, they were supporting US economic power, and the pilots who hijacked the planes were blessed by Allah', bin Laden reportedly said in a previously undisclosed video.

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Bush offers to bring India, Pakistan together
A joint statement Bush-Musharraf statement said: 'India and Pakistan should resolve the Kashmir issue through diplomacy and take into account the wishes of the people of Kashmir'.

Developing countries back India; setback to US, EU
On new issues of investment, competition policy, government procurement and trade facilitation, India and South Asian countries have bluntly said that they were unacceptable to them.

WTO approves Taiwan's entry after China
Taiwan will enter the WTO as the 'separate customs territory' of Taiwan and its offshore islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu to avoid rubbing China the wrong way.

November 10

Musharraf takes Kashmir fixation to UN
At the General Assembly, the Pakistan president said Indian security forces had killed over 75,000 Kashmiris.

Pak proposes nuclear test ban treaty with India
President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan was ready to discuss with India nuclear and missile restraint as well as nuclear risk reduction measures in a structured, comprehensive and integrated dialogue.

 Give us F-16s for helping you: Pakistan to US

 Indian forces won't take part in US war: Fernandes

 South African lawyer arrested for fraud

 Dr Chidambaram new Principal Scientific Advisor

'Our forces are inside Mazar. They are controlling the streets'
Northern Alliance Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah, however, was uncertain when foreign journalists would be allowed into the city.

Canadian Sikh Forced to Remove Turban at LaGuardia
Surjit Babra suggested the guard use a hand-held scanner and if he were still dissatisfied he'd remove his turban. But the guard refused to agree.

Osama threatens nuclear, chemical attacks
If the US used chemical or nuclear weapons, the Al Qaeda would have no hesitation in using them, the Saudi terror mastermind said. No proposal for military alliance: Jaswant
The external affairs minister denied as 'wonderful fiction' the reports that India had rejected a proposal for a military alliance with the US.

Defence supplies may resume: Jaswant
He cited terrorism, Afghanistan and military and defence cooperation as three main components of the joint statement issued at the end of the meeting between the Bush and Vajpayee.

Bush-Vajpayee summit positive: US
A government spokesman said Bush stressed on the need for India and Pakistan to arrive at a solution to the Kashmir issue.

November 9

US, India to fight terrorism together: Bush
Speaking at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Washington, the US president said he would visit India 'as soon as possible.'

India-US Joint Statement Mum on Kashmir
The statement noted that terrorism threatened not only the security of India and the United States, but also the efforts to build freedom, democracy and international security and stability around the world.
Complete Text of the Statement

NA claims to have entered Mazar-e-Sharif
'The Alliance forces on Friday took over the airport and entered the city,' spokesman Ashraf Nadeem was quoted as saying.

Arundhati Roy wins French literary prize
France's Universal Academy of Cultures awards the $68,000 prize to writers for their work against intolerance, racism and discrimination against women.

Laden planning plane attacks on Delhi: Report
A Nepalese daily Kathmandu Post said Madras Police had given 'credible information' to authorities about a plan to hijack a Singapore Airlines flight from Kathmandu international airport and crash it on a target in Delhi.

Musharraf warns radicals; 500 held
In a special message issued from New York Musharraf said everything would be done to 'keep Pakistan peaceful, stable and secure', rapping the radicals on the knuckles for planning to nationwide anti-US protests.

Bombing will continue during Ramadan: Blair
Addressing a press conference with the visiting Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, Blair said the west is aware of the Muslim sensibilities and would take them into account.

Political stability has returned to India: Vajpayee
At his vintage best and speaking in Hindi punctuated by humourous remarks, Vajpayee at a dinner hosted by the Indian ambassador to the US, Lalit Mansingh, said now the parties have realised that there was no use toppling him.

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November 8

Vajpayee talks of terrorism, Pakistan in US
The prime minister also made it very clear that India could not be expected to tolerate Pakistan-sponsored terrorism on its soil.

PM calls for 'more cooperative' Indo-US ties
Vajpayee said recent events would have a long-term and unpredictable consequences for international relations.

US-Pak ties not at India's cost: Blackwill
The US ambassador told that President Bush would personally assuage India's anxiety over the growing ties with Pakistan when he meets Prime Minister Vajpayee on November 9.

US Asks Pak to Handover Dawood to India: Reports
Quoting intelligence reports, sources said Washington has asked Islamabad to take action against the March 1993 serial blast accused.

India's Fight Against Terror Does Not Depend on US: Jaswant
The external affairs minister said India is not dependent on the US for what it has to achieve as a nation, but if the US chooses to help, it would be a welcome move.

Laden granted Afghan nationality
'Now he is not our guest. He is the citizen of Afghanistan and we won't hand him over to the US,' a Taleban official said.

War against terror not contingent on West Asia peace: Bush
His rejection is seen as a snub to Arab leaders who have mounted pressure on the US to rap Israel on the knuckles.

Massacre of Pak Christians condemned
At a joint meeting of the Canada Pakistan Forum and the International Christian Awaz (Canada), it was stated that the incident was an affront to the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians.

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MTNL shares list on NYSE at $5.9
It is the ninth Indian company to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange