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How are you coping with price rise?

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April 11, 2008 12:55 IST

Cold statistics tell us that inflation has surged to a 3-year high of 7.41 per cent, but the reality on the ground is far more chilling.

One doesn't recall prices soaring in such a manner in a long, long time. Mounting prices are a feature of anything and everything you look at in the marketplace.

Fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, grains, wages, cosmetics, toiletriesÂ… anything you mention is on an upward trend. The cold fact is that for the majority, the annual rise in wages is not keeping pace with the rise in cost of living.

All over, families are devising ways and means of beating inflation. From skipping fruits to cutting down on quantity to keeping some things off the family table, it's a tough call that's before us.

How are you coping with price rise? Give us your tips on beating inflation!


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