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Pray for Sunita Williams's safe return

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June 14, 2007 17:38 IST
It's a crisis out there in space.

For some days now, Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and her colleagues have been battling the elements to repair a thermal blanket which peeled off an engine pod of the space shuttle Atlantis on its journey to bring her back to earth.

There was further bad news today, when it became known that the Russian computers on board the ISS have failed.

Sunita, who has already spent a record six months on board the ISS, and others have now extended their space sojourn by a few more days to attend to this problem.

The world is watching the courageous salvage operation underway in space.

The world is also sending its wishes to the brave crew out there as they push back the frontiers, and prays for their safe return.

Now send your prayers for the safe return of Sunita Williams and the other astronauts.