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Rediff.com  » News » Should a politician be the next President?

Should a politician be the next President?

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June 04, 2007 12:56 IST

It's yet another sign of the will of the people being not being heard.

While it is clear that a large majority of Indians would prefer a non-political personality to become the next President - if the election were to be thrown open to the public it is certain that the incumbent, APJ Abdul Kalam, will get a 2nd term -- the political class is insisting on one of their own becoming President.

The front-runner, for now, seems to be Marxist leader and Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, but he is not the only politician in the fray. BJP leader Bhairon Singh Shekawat has also started canvassing, while a few others also entertain visions of occupying the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Why is the political class so reluctant on yielding to the popular will over the Presidential election? Should politicians be barred from the post? Tell us what you think.


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