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How should drunk drivers be punished?

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Last updated on: November 15, 2006 16:24 IST

Seven pavement dwellers in Bandra, an upmarket Mumbai suburb, were crushed to death on November 12 under the wheels of car carrying party revellers, who were allegedly drunk. A day later, five out of the six occupants of the car are out on bail.

While, everyone knows it is against the law to drive when drunk, the incidences of accidents involving drunken drivers is on the rise. But loopholes in the law and a lack of will by the authorities to prosecute offenders, means most cases end in the accused, usually the rich, getting away scot free.

Such incidents are not rare. Cases like the BMW hit-and-run case in Delhi and the incident when actor Salman Khan's car crushed one and injured four others are still going on in the court, while the accused are out free on bail. Convictions of cases pertaining to rash driving can be a deterrent. Do we need more stringent laws in dealing with such cases? And what is the suitable punishment for such crimes? Tell us!