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Does the media ignore the 'real' India? Tell us

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Last updated on: May 10, 2006 18:48 IST

At a function in New Delhi, former prime minister V P Singh lamented that the priorities of the media have changed considerably in the last few years.

Singh went on to say that excessive news on the Sensex and GDP were concealing the "real" India from the readers.

He said it is a "different" world which people inhabit and not that of "hi-tech buildings and shopping malls. Journalists should understand that there is a different India also," the former premier said.

Complaining that the media was "creating two Indias" through their reports, Singh said, "each of them does not know what kind of India it is. The media should take the lead in correcting this."

Does the media ignore the 'real' India? Tell us.