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The mobile phone bomb is here

July 29, 2006 17:24 IST

Pakistan-sponsored terrorists who are active in Jammu and Kashmir have now started making mobile phone bombs to attack sophisticated targets as insurgents of al Qaeda have done in many a recent blast recently, police sources have said.

A 16-year-old Lashkar-e-Tayiba militant Noor Illahi alias Tipu disclosed this during interrogation, they said.

During interrogation, he disclosed that the militants were collecting mobile phone SIM cards. They then use these cards not just for communication, but as mobile bombs too.

Already, based on Illahi's statement, two police constables and three army personnel have been taken into custody.

Illahi, who has been trained to make such bombs, revealed that many mobile bombs are already in the possession of the terrorists.

A high quality one kg explosive, generally RDX mixed with TNT, is tied with an activated mobile handset and the set is kept in vibration mode that matches the frequency of the mobile set with the explosive device, he informed.

The mobile bomb will explode as soon as the set rings.

Illahi has also told interrogators that the terrorists have tested the device recently.