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London suicide bomber leaves behind £121,000

January 06, 2006 20:24 IST

One of the four suicide bombers who died in the July 7 London bombings had a £121,000 pounds fortune. Chip shop worker Shehzad Tanweer's estate in his home city of Leeds, northern England, has staggered security chiefs and the origins of the 22-year-old bomber's riches remain a mystery, The Sun tabloid reported on Friday.

The sum is more than double the £55,000 compensation figure amputees will receive following the London blasts. And it is an incredible ten times the £11,000 families of the innocent people murdered by the July 7 gang will get in compensation.

Tanweer blew himself up at Aldgate Underground station, killing eight people and injuring dozens more. The others in the gang who carried out suicide attacks on London's transport system were Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, Hasib Hussain, 18 and Jermaine Lindsay, 19.

In all, 52 commuters died in the terrorist attacks on three underground trains and a double-decker bus while more than 700 sustained injuries.

A spokesman for the probate department at the High Court told the tabloid: "The net amount figure of  £121,000 is the realisable figure, which is what is left after taxes and debts on the estate have been deducted. We have no information as to what the estate was worth before that deduction was made. The only people who will know are the family and the solicitors."

Despite planning his own death to kill others, Tanweer died intestate, meaning he left no will, the report said. His father, Mohammed Muntaz Tanweer, has applied for a letter of administration to take control of his son's estate.

The Inland Revenue will not be taking any death duties because the amount does not exceed the  £270,000 threshold where death duties come into force.

An Inland Revenue spokesman said, "The matter is dealt with."

The Sun, which headlined its article 'Bomber's Booty', suggested survivors and families of the bomb attacks victims would be 'appalled' at the size of Tanweer's estate.

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