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Ramdev vs Karat: who's right?

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January 05, 2006 14:43 IST

Health Minister Ambumani Ramdoss on Wednesday said samples of Ayurvedic formulations of yoga guru Swami Ramdev did carry 'traces of human and animal remains'. The samples were furnished by Marxist leader Brinda Karat, who has had a running feud with the guru over the content in his ayurvedic formulations.

Ramdoss said the matter has been referred to the Uttaranchal drug controller and if, after proper investigation, Swami Ramdev was found to be guilty, action would be taken against him under the Drug and Cosmetics Act.

This could include cancellation of license to manufacture the drug and even imprisonment of up to two years.

Swami Ramdev has defended himself, claiming Karat was acting at the behest of multinationals.

The BJP said Karat was making a 'motivated attempt to hurt the faith of Indians in yoga and ayurveda'.

On Thursday, in fact, supporters of the swami and the CPI-M came to blows in New Delhi.

As charges and allegations fly thick and fast, what do you think the government must do? Tell us.