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'Champion eater' Rappai no more

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December 09, 2006 15:43 IST

Rappai the 'eater', whose life has been a long quest to satisfy an insatiable appetite, died in a hospital at Thrissur on Saturday, hospital sources said.

Popularly known as 'eater Rappai,' he was 63 and had been suffering from diabetic problems for quite some time.

A teetotaler and a man of clean habits, Kurian Rappai's lone weakness was eating huge quantities of meal, delicacies, fruits and sweets.

An integral part of Thrissur's life for long, Rappai never lacked generous patrons who always volunteered to treat him with feasts to satisfy his zest for food.

Rappai had won many eating competitions in Kerala. His fans used to say that he would certainly have snatched the gold had there been an eaters' Olympics.

When in the pink of health, Rappai used to easily eat 150 idlis, 100 chapatis with chutney, pickle, curry and wash it all down with pots of tea for breakfast.

He would promptly return to the table by 11.30 am to have a mid-day meal of a huge mound of rice with a generous helping of curries, fries and fritters. Whenever possible, he would repeat a late-noon lunch of rice and curries.

Before the sunset, he used to have 20 chapatis and a dozen masala dosas and capped his day with 25 parathas and a dozen bananas and tumblers of milk for dinner.

Rappai first displayed his gluttonous feat at an eaters' meet at nearby Kunnamkulam where he was recorded to have eaten 100 idlis at a go.

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