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Are anti-terror laws alienating Muslims?

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August 22, 2006 14:28 IST

Post August 10, when a mid-air terror plot to blow up planes from Britain to the United States was foiled, one of the many questions doing the rounds is whether the UK's foreign policy is anti-Islamic?

Though the government has vehemently denied the charge, ironically, one observation made three days before the terror plot was foiled is worth taking a second look.

Britain's senior-most Muslim police officer claimed that the country's anti-terrorism laws and enforcement agencies run the 'real risk of criminalising' minority communities.

London's Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur also advocated an independent judicial review to find out why young Muslims are becoming increasingly radicalised.

Ghaffur had then noted, 'The impact of this will be that just at the time we need the confidence and trust of these communities, they may retreat.'

The notion that tough anti-terror laws of both the UK and the US may be responsible for alienating young Muslims the world over, is perhaps something we in India need to ponder over too.

So, dear reader, we would like you to take some time off and tell us what you think.



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