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Flying in the time of terror? Tell us!

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August 11, 2006 18:03 IST
It could have been a tragedy of huge proportions.

On August 10, authorities in the United Kingdom discovered, and disabled a terrorist plan to blow up 10 US-bound planes with 'liquid bombs'.

Among the immediate security measures clamped into place is a ban on in-flight baggage. As also a ban on any liquid item, excluding baby formula and certain essential medicines.

Close on the heels of this development, airports everywhere have heightened the already stringent security measures in place, resulting in chaos, confusion and terrible inconvenience to the traveller.

Many of you must have already felt the impact of these measures in the form of:

  • Missed flights
  • Longer waits at the airports due to increased security checks
  • Having to abandon some of your belongings which are now on the banned list
  • The inconvenience of having no in-flight baggage

If so, share your experience with us.

What is it like to catch an international flight now?
What was your experience like?
What would you advise other travellers to do, or not do?

Tell us


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