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A superpower that can't handle rain?

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October 26, 2005 15:53 IST

Every other day, we come across, and publish, reports of how India is zipping ahead on the development highway. How cell phone users in the country are growing by gallops and bounds, how foreign investors are eyeing our economy, how the world is waking up to India as a knowledge mine, how Indians are making their presence felt from Kenya to Kentucky, how India is fast becoming a superpower.

And then again, every other day, we come across, and publish, reports of how nature still ridicules India's claims with impunity. How the financial capital of India can be crippled by a spell of rain, how unexpected showers can drown the information technology hub of the country, how the City of Joy can wallow in water woes for days, how even metros like Chennai – not to speak of smaller cities and towns – are woefully ill-equipped to cope with nature's vagaries, never mind fury.

The question is, can India claim to be a superpower in the making when it can't cope with routine fluctuations of rainfall?

It's time for you to decide.

Write in to us and tell us if India -- and Indians -- should concentrate more on upgrading basic infrastructure in our cities and towns before tom-toming achievements in the global village. 

We will publish your opinions right here.