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Iran goes all out against Burns

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October 24, 2005 19:27 IST

Iran on Monday accused United States Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns of breaching established diplomatic norms by issuing a statement against it in a third country.

Burns, at a joint press conference with Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran on Friday last, had accused Iran of being a leading supporter and financer of major terrorist groups in the Middle East and alleged that Teheran was engaged in acquiring nuclear weapons.

Iran also insisted that there was no proof of its deviation from the path of peaceful use of nuclear energy and hoped that the International Atomic Energy Agency will prevent creation of a new crisis in the region in view of 'several positive steps which have recently been undertaken'.

"Attacking a third country in the host country is not only against the established norms of diplomatic conduct but also shows a constant regard to these practices," Iran Embassy said in a statement referring to Burns' allegations last Friday that Tehran supports terrorism.

"It should be mentioned that the real reason behind terrorism is the wrong foreign policy which for more than 50 years supported the unpopular governments, toppled governments like that of Dr Mosaddegh and prevented the establishment of democracy and popular governments and ultimately helped in formation of radical thoughts," the Embassy said in the statement.

Regarding Iran's nuclear programme, the Embassy said there was 'no proof of deviation of Iran from the path of peaceful use of nuclear energy' and added that this had been repeatedly stated at international forums and the same was pointed out by the report of the IAEA.

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