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India welcomes progress made by Iran vis-a-vis nuclear issues

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November 19, 2005 22:35 IST

Welcoming the progress made by Iran with regard to various outstanding nuclear issues as is evident from the International Atomic Energy Agency girector general's report, India Saturday saw it as a vindication of its stand that more time needed to be given for reaching a "satisfactory resolution" of the matter.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna said, "We trust" that Iran would continue to extend necessary cooperation to the IAEA to enable the agency to resolve outstanding issues.

"This will contribute to the success of ongoing diplomatic efforts," he said adding, India believes it is important for all concerned to avoid actions that may undermine these efforts.

"We welcome the progress made in regard to various outstanding issues by Iran and see this as a vindication of our stand, expressed on September 24, advocating that more time be given to enable us to reach a satisfactory resolution of outstanding issues," Sarna said referring to the report by the IAEA DG to its board of governors on 'Implementation of
Non-Proliferation Treaty Safeguards Agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran'.

India is keen to see an amicable resolution of the Iran nuclear issue and hectic diplomatic efforts are underway in this regard ahead of November 24 meeting of the IAEA. 

The report notes that the IAEA has been able to interview individuals involved in procurement who have not been previously made available. It refers to additional documents being made available to the agency in a variety of areas.

"It appreciates access being given to sites of interest," Sarna said adding, Iran's approach has been described as more forthcoming.

The DG's report conveys that IAEA has sought additional assurances in respect of a certain programme and emphasises the importance of Iran providing additional documentation and access.

The Ministry of External Affairs spokesman said the additional documentation and information made available to the IAEA would shed greater light on clandestine activities of 'foreign intermediaries', particularly the Pakistan-based A Q Khan network, that "is of utmost concern to India as they have seriously affected our national security".

"Greater clarity and transparency in this area is verymuch in India's interest. We believe that the principled position that we have taken on focussing on the sources as well as recipients of clandestine proliferation has contributed to this development," he said.

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