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Modi may address NY meeting via satellite link

March 19, 2005 13:25 IST

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, whose visa has been revoked by the US, is now expected to address a scheduled public meeting in New York via a satellite link on Sunday.

The Association of Indians of North America, the organisers of the public meeting at Madison Square Garden, said they plan to put up a huge screen in the hall to telecast Modi's speech live from Gandhinagar.

Deploring the US decision to deny Modi a diplomatic visa, AINA officials said the association was "shocked and bewildered" by the US decision.

An AINA spokesperson claimed the organisation represented the point of view of a majority of Indian Americans in the United States.

AINA said it is expecting about 10,000 people for the meeting, but the cancellation of Modi's visa would mean a loss of $ 100,000 to individuals and community organisations which had contributed for organising the function.

AINA also welcomed Indian government's strong reaction asking the US to urgently review its "uncalled for" decision.