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Hindu gods featured on thongs

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Last updated on: February 07, 2005 14:34 IST

An American online store selling women's undergarments featuring images of Hindu gods has angered members of the community. has on display hundred per cent cotton 'Hindu God Shiva classic thong' priced at $12.99 with the deity's face.

Another called 'iGod Shiva Classic thong' for $15 makes the statement: 'Namaste it loud. You're Hindu and you're proud'.

The 'Om Classic Thong' priced at $8.99 explains, 'Om or rather "aum" is a sacred Hindu symbol that represents the absolute'.

Leading the protest is the American Hindus Against Defamation, the largest Hindu anti-defamation group in North America comprising several Hindu organisations.

"We have recently come across two sets of products -- thongs and boxer shorts -- with the images of Hindu deities and symbols imprinted on them... AHAD finds the depiction of universally revered Hindu deities and symbols on the undergarments extremely offensive," it said in a statement.

Last week the Web site had offended the Sikh community by displaying a range of thongs with the 'Khanda' emblem representing the four pillars of the Sikh faith.

Sikh organisations under the World Sikh Council America Region had written to CafePress asking it to withdraw the products.

"We are very disappointed to know that CafePress is selling an item offensive to the Sikh faith. The underwear with the Sikh symbol and the accompanying language is racist and demeans the Sikh faith. This is especially hurtful because the Sikh community has been preferentially victimised after 9/11," the WSC-AR complaint said.

The protests had borne fruit with CafePress withdrawing the product line.

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