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Kannamoochi Enada has interesting music

September 06, 2007 11:37 IST

V Priya (of Kanda Naal Muthal fame) dons the director's mantle for the second time with Kannamoochi Enada, produced by actor Radhika's Radan Media Works and UTV.

Radhika is also doing a stellar role with Sathyaraj in this film. Prithviraj, who gave an impressive performance in the highly acclaimed Mozhi, is the hero. Sandhya is his costar.

Thamarai has penned the lyrics to Yuvanshankar Raja's music, whose penchant for western music is evident throughout the album.

The album kicks off with the intensely appealing Megam Megam. Beguiling orchestration, fascinating rhythm, lyrics oozing with tender sentiments, melody coursing through with ease and excellent rendition by Haricharan and Swetha make this an enticing track, and the highlight of this album.

Tamarai's lyrics are full of imageries from nature expressing the fantasies of the young lovers. Swetha's caressingly sweet voice is a perfect foil to Haricharan's emotion-packed one. A track worth repeating, which is done so at the end.

Kannamoochi Attam, a spoof on the traditional 'Oonjal' song, Kannoonjal Aadi, is picturised on a soon to be married couple sitting on the swing before tying the thaali (mangalsuthra) during Tamilian weddings. The number is a synthesis of fast beats, torrents of swara passages, rap interludes, mild hip-hop and interesting chorus. Rendition by Palghat Sriram, Sainthavi, Prasanna and Dr Nrayanan make the number sound like a throwback to the olden days. The lyrics, which describe the couple in glorious terms, are in a lighter vein.

Yuvan, it seems, cannot break away from his fetish for remixes. So next comes the remix of an old song Andru Vanthathum Ithe Nila from the MGR-Saroja Devi starrer, Periya Idathu Penn. The track, in western style with jazz accompaniment is effortlessly rendered by Shankar Mahadevan, Haricharan and Swetha.

Sanjaram Seyyum Kankal is a sentimental duet with rhythmic western beats by Shankar Mahadevan and Madhusri. Tamarai's profound lyrics talk about the pangs of separation and the longing for togetherness the lovers go through. Impressive instrumentation and excellent rhythmic patterns embellish the number. Shankar Mahadevan's robust voice strung together with Madhusri's honey-timbred one generates a flood of romantic feelings.

Putham Puthu Kaatru beginning with mild hip-hop and guitar notes has more glitz than grace. But for a spate of nadaswaram passages that gives it a melodious touch, the orchestration is pedestrian. Shankar Mahadevan sings in his usual exuberant style. Vijay Jesudas' vocal skills come to the fore.

On the whole, an interesting album from Yuvanshankar Raja.

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Saraswathy Srinivas