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A lacklustre Road Romeo

October 01, 2007 17:29 IST

Road Romeo is another lackluster film aimed at launching a new hero who in this case is Dileep Pai. Dileep's brother has produced the film with the sole view of promoting him. But what is surprising is that the film's director Sai Prakash, a well known director has not taken care to weave a new, believable story. The shoddy script is the bane of the film.

It is quite apparent that Sai Prakash has neither done his home work nor has he been able to get a good job from his technical team. Road Romeo fails even in its musical score.

The story revolves around a wayward and irresponsible youngster from a lower middle class family. He meets Anjali, instantly falls for her and is shocked when she turns down his proposal.  Anjali makes him understand that he is irresponsible. Dileep then tries to be serious and self reliant.  The remaining part of the film is a journey he undertakes to become responsible.

Such a yarn has hit the screen many times before and in this case Sai Prakash has just mixed up sequences that were shown before. The so called comedy is horrible. 

Dileep Pai is at ease in front of the camera and shows promise in his dancing and fighting skills.  Ashitha, who was till now seen more in sister's roles, has done well. But it is Avinash who shines in the film. Padma Vasanthi does a neat job.

Tennis Krishna and Anand have done their brand of comedy.

Road Romeo will only be remembered for the good performances of debutant Dileep Pai and talented Ashitha.

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R G Vijayasarathy