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Krrish: No one can dance like Hrithik

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June 27, 2006 14:45 IST

Hrithik Roshan in KrrishKrrish is an awesome movie!

In this Rakesh Roshan film, Hrithik Roshan looks handsome, graceful and pure. If you have seen the film, you must have noticed how he looks so decently dressed -- unlike others actors who tend to dress up (or down) too much. Hrithik looked really cool!

He was very casual and being himself.

Priyanka Chopra looked innocent and her clothes looked funky and different. She obviously could not cope up with Hrithik's dancing talent, but then, who can dance like Hrithik?

Special Krrish section

In fact, his dancing and the stunts make Krrish the exciting movie it is. I thought Rekha, too did a fine job.

It seems the way the film was directed, everything just fell in place.

If I must find a negative, I thought Rekha's make-up did not make her look convincingly old. On the other hand, Hrithik as an old man looked so realistic!

The story appeared to have been copied from the Superman and Spiderman series. Even some scenes seemed to have been copied from the film Spider-man, especially the scene in which Hrithik is climbing the mountain when Priyanka falls down from the rock-face.

Hrithik Roshan in KrrishAlso, was the film really shot in Singapore? Somehow one did not get that feeling since we did not see anything specific to Singapore.

Rajesh Roshan's music was sweet. But I feel the visuals accompanying the music were more awesome, especially in the song Dil lagiya.

Hrithik's performance was spectacular. I wish Hrithik would start a dancer's academy like Shiamak Davar, so his fans can learn these steps from him!

The best part about the movie was Hrithik. I just can't wait for the sequel.

Jahnavi Sheriff, 13, can't get enough of Krrish.

Jahnavi Sheriff