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Naach has attitude!

By Sukanya Verma
Last updated on: October 19, 2004 14:49 IST

Abhishek Bachchan, Antara Mali in NaachHey, did you know Ram Gopal Varma is ready with his new film, Naach?

He is always ready with a new film. That is precisely the reason why he has named his company, Factory. Ideally, he would like to have a release every week.

That is true. But Naach, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Antara Mali is special. He has directed it.

Now, you have my attention. I remember reading somewhere that Naach is inspired from Wong Kar-Wai's In The Mood For Love.

More on!

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Oh yeah, that? You must have read it on When I
asked him about it, he said he hasn't even heard of that movie.

Is the music of Naach out?

Yes. It has two music directors, Amar Mohile and Shailendra Swapnil. There are eight tracks in all.

A Ram Gopal Varma film with so many songs?

Naach is a musical, remember?

So tell me about the music.

If you are looking for another Rangeela, you will definitely find Naach tame in comparison. But the album does have its share of highpoints.

I would like to know about the lows first.

Then please remember to fast forward Rakth ka hai. It tries to be unconventional, ethnic and exciting, all at one time. But Makarand Deshpande's double bill as a warped lyricist and drowsy/lousy (take your pick) singer results in an off tuned turkey. Another version of the same sung by Kunal Ganjawala is somewhat tolerable.

Then there is Bandhane lagi. It is a love duet that doesn't quite leave a lasting impression. Ditto for the uninspiring ditty, Sara sara.

Abhishek Bachchan, Antara Mali in NaachWhen a film has a title like Naach, I expect to hear some dhinchak stuff.

Naach has those too. Remember the catchy Ishq samundar track of Kaante? You will hear its echoes quiet strongly in Beraang zindagi.

Immediately after, you have Ishq da tadka, another one of those in the jazzy league of Ishq kamina (Shakti-The Power) and Kambakht ishq (Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya). Actually, Berang zindagi and Ishq da tadka sound pretty much the same. It's like Mohile has used the same template in terms of arrangement but employed different vocals.

What about the best picks?

Oh, I absolutely flipped for Awara! It has an amazing sensual energy flowing in its beats. The delicate voice of Shweta Pandit playing against the dramatic use of conch shells and high-pitched violins are definitely a yes-yes.

The title track Naach naach ke shares the make-your-dreams-come true sentiments of Rangeela re. A fairly peppy and foot taping number, this!

Should I buy this album?

Depends on what you are looking for.

Naach may not exactly make you dance on the roof. But it certainly shows some attitude.

Sukanya Verma