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Rediff.com  » Business » Will you pay more for Net surfing?

Will you pay more for Net surfing?

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May 11, 2007 10:05 IST
Internet services are likely to get more expensive.

Broadband connection users might have to pay more for Internet access if the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommendations to impose an annual licence fee for Internet service providers come into effect.

Currently, ISPs pay only Re 1 as annual licence fee while Internet telecom service providers, or telecom operators providing Internet services, pay 6 per cent of their annual gross revenue as licence fee.

Trai has suggested there should be uniformity and independent ISPs that provide Internet telephony should also pay 6 per cent of their annual gross revenue as licence fee.

Trai has also recommended an entry fee of Rs 20 lakh to category A ISPs and Rs 10 lakh to category B ISPs with immediate effect.

The government had set a target of 18 million Internet subscribers and 9 million broadband connections by the end of 2007.

What do you think about this move? Do you think this target can be met with increasing rates?

Are you willing to pay more for surfing? Tell us your views.

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