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Should the aged get mediclaim?

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June 22, 2007 09:26 IST

When government bodies set up committees, then there is a good chance that there is some sort of public outcry leading to it. So, when last month, the Insurance Development Authority of India decided to set up a committee on health insurance for senior citizens, it was clear that it was to address some serious loopholes in the health insurance industry in India.

The committee document says that the IRDA has received several representations relating to entry barriers for the aged, refusal of renewals, imposition of harsh terms without justification, sharp increase in premium rates, delays in claims service, etc.

Medical expenses for senior citizens are a foregone conclusion. Since claims are bound to happen with people of higher age, insurance companies do not want senior citizens as customers.

Should IRDA modify insurance laws so that old people in India get medical insurance without any problem?

Should laws be modified so that the premium does not goes up exponentially, if they intend to buy health insurance policies?

Even if the old have medical insurance, are they harassed while making claims?

In such instances, should the government intervene to set the state of medical insurance right?

Tell us!  your views.