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If YOU were the finance minister, what would you do?

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Last updated on: February 20, 2007 13:11 IST

It's tough being India's finance minister. You are constantly juggling resources at your disposal to strike the right balance. If you raise taxes, people scream. If you cut taxes, the government has lesser funds to provide for the poor. But you have to make some tough choices, keeping the trade-offs in mind.

So, if YOU were the finance minister of India, what do you do?

Would you make life easy for the salaried class? Cut tax rates? Raise tax exemption limit to Rs 2 lakh?

Or would you tax some sections of society more? Would you remove fringe benefit tax? Allow NRIs to invest in PPF? Reduce service tax? Would you remove tax benefits on housing loan? Would you increase car taxes, prices? Cut public services to save costs?

Or would you slash MPs' salaries?

How would you attract more investment? How will you create more jobs? How will you generate more revenue? And how much will you allocate to various areas: education, defence, agriculture, etc?

Budget Day is almost here. If you were the finance minister, what would you do? Tell us.