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Will real estate prices crash?

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February 14, 2007 14:43 IST

Real estate and residential prices are shooting through the roof. Be it big cities or small towns, spiralling real estate prices show little sign of easing off.

Low interest rates on home loans, coupled with huge demand for housing from India's burgeoning middle class, have seen property prices doubling in some cities. Add to this the mad frenzy for developing special economic zones (SEZs) that will gobble up huge tracts of land.

Do you feel that this is a bubble (like the one witnessed in 1995), when real estate prices plummetted?

Do you think high interest rates will lower demand for housing loans? Will you resist the temptation of buying a second home (assuming that you can afford to) just because interest rates on home loans are increasing?

Should home loan interest rates have been increased? Will the real estate prices drop?

Tell us what you think.